Locked out of an Almera - Gordonb
A friend of mine has Nissan Almera, which has no manual key, only a remote key fob. There is not even a key hole in the door. Before going to New Zealand recently for 7 weeks, she disconnected the battery so that it would not discharge whilst she is away. She opened the bonnet, locked the door with the remote key fob, disconnected the battery and then closed the bonnet again. She then realised that on her return she would have no way of getting into the car, as the door will not open if the battery is disconnected.

Does anyone you have any suggestions as to how I can help her get into the car when returns? I assume that she could also be locked out at any if the battery went flat, for example, due to age or accidentally leaving the lights on.

Locked out of an Almera - Dynamic Dave

One quick google found the following:-

On my 2004 P12 Primera (from handbook - but I have seen the slot) :
"The left-hand side door can be locked or unlocked with the door key when the vehicle's battery is dead".
It goes on to tell you to carefully remove the side protection cap on the left hand door handle by inserting the key in the cap's base-slot and prising it off ; insert key in cylinder and turn & turn it towards the rear.


Locked out of an Almera - pyruse
There's a keyhole in the passenger door - blocked with a bit of plastic, which you can use to get into the vehicle even if the battery is dead.

{Isn't that basically what I posted above? DD}
Locked out of an Almera - normd2
'which has no manual key' - if this is really this case and you can't do the above you may have difficulty if there are no half-bricks around. However I recently found the need to break into my Toyota and it only took half-an-hours thought. Maybe I just think like a thief... Don't know where you'll get someone to tell you how on an open forum, you might just need to find a dodgy geezer somewhere or if you're in one of the motoring organisations they may be able to help.
Locked out of an Almera - scrapmetal
It will have a manual key - you take the cap off the intelligent key and the key blade flicks out a bit like a swiss army knife.


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