2001: Indicator Stalk Won't Self Cancel - geebee
Hello all...Hope someone can help. My wife's just bought a 2001 Focus Ghia Auto Saloon..lovely car with really low mileage, years MOT and runs perfect. Only problem we've discovered driving it home is that the indicator stalk wont self cancel as the wheel is returned...it has to be switched off by hand. I know its only relatively minor but its very annoying....just wondered if anyone knew if this was a common problem, and can it be easily fixed....is it just the stalk that needs to be replaced or has the steering wheel got to be removed. Got a years warranty with the car, but it was quite a drive away, so just wondering if there is a quick fix before driving back to the place we got it. Thanks in advance for any help....Regards, Graeme.
2001: Indicator Stalk Won't Self Cancel - Dynamic Dave
Can't help with the problem, but begs the question why it didn't get picked up on the MOT.
2001: Indicator Stalk Won't Self Cancel - jc2
Self-cancelling is not part of the MoT.
2001: Indicator Stalk Won't Self Cancel - Dynamic Dave
Self-cancelling is not part of the MoT.

I would have thought it fell into the following:-

(info obtained from www.motuk.co.uk/manual_150.htm )

Method of Inspection
2. Check the selector switch for presence, security, condition and operation.

Reason for rejection
2. A missing, insecure or faulty selector switch.

As the switch doesn't self cancel, then the selector switch would be deemed as faulty as it's not operating correctly.
2001: Indicator Stalk Won't Self Cancel - RichardW
Never had self cancel tested on any of my cars - can't see how they'd test it anyway in what is generally a stationary test. IMHO self cancelling is silly anyway - it invariably cancels when you don't want it to, and doesn't when you do. Bring back Citroen PRN with rocker switches on the top of the instruments I say..... :-))

Sorry, doesn't help the OP!

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
2001: Indicator Stalk Won't Self Cancel - bikerider
It sounds as though the clock spring is causing the problem with your indicators,there is a lug on the clock spring which cancels the indicators when the wheel is turnedthis breaks off and causes the problem. The easiest way to confirm the concern on your focus is to take off the column shroud and indicator stalk you can then see the clock spring turning and will be able to see if the lug is in fact broken off
IIf the lug is broken the clock spring will need to be replaced not a difficult job but the airbag and steering wheel do have to be removed to gain access.
2001: Indicator Stalk Won't Self Cancel - mr fix
yes on the clock spring there is a tag, which breaks off, simple remove air bag (igntion off, then under the bolts on the back of the steering wheel (poss torque bits required) then once out of the way you will see the centre nut for the steering wheel. now undo bolt about 3/4 out, pull on the steering wheel and hit the middle bolt with hammer to get wheel off.
once removed, remove colum cowl & switch's then you will see the clock spring (with ribbon
cable inside. try not to turn this as it will cause problems after. as there wont be enough cable to complete the full turn of the wheel. when you can see the broken bit just glue if back on with super glue (or buy a new one), refit in reverse order good luck.

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2001: Indicator Stalk Won't Self Cancel - old crocks
This has just happened to my 1999 Focus. I've taken the stalk off and it seems to work ok. I can't see the tag on the column.

I intend to look at a friend's Focus in a few days to see what it should look like but would welcome any other feedback.

Mr fix only posted for one day and then disappeared.

Are there any special precautions I should take with the airbag?

2001: Indicator Stalk Won't Self Cancel - L'escargot
...... its
very annoying ....

I find that few indicator stalks cancel consistently. I just stick my finger out and cancel it manually as the steering wheel approaches the straight ahead position ~ that's on the few occasions when I indicate anyway! It's only annoying if you make up your mind it's annoying.