DIY changing suspension - VR6
The handling on my car is getting worse, I'm sure the suspension is tired (car weaves under heavy braking and acceleration, also it getting more and more wobbly when changing lanes on the motorway).

Anyway the question - A few years ago I changed the rear suspension on my Mk2 Golf with little trouble with nothing more than a set of spanners and a socket set. Does anyone know if its as straight forward to change the front and rear suspension (shocks and springs) on a Mk3 Golf VR6? Any special tools required? I just dont want to be in the position of having the car up on stands and finding out I need a oojamaflop to remove a what-sit.
DIY changing suspension - ggh1
I have done this job at home (with a workshed) on Mk 1, 2 and 3's, they are all very much the same. You will need spring compressor clamps for the front. Before you change anything, check the condition of your rear axle rubber bushes as they are a well known wear part.
DIY changing suspension - Roger Jones
Yup, check the rear bushes. That was the last job I had done before letting my cherished VR6 go, and that was at only 43k. My mechanic confirmed that Golfs are well known for that weakness, and it has continued with later models too.
DIY changing suspension - ggh1
PS, You need a spring compressor front and rear.
DIY changing suspension - VR6
Thanks for the replies. I'll have a look at the rear bushes, and also see if I can beg/steal/borrow a spring compressor.
DIY changing suspension - steveo3002
if its weaving about chances are the lower arm bushes are shot and the ball joints might be getting ropey, rear axle ones are also worth a look

remember the alignment will need doing soon after to avoid tyre wear, make sure its a decent place that ajust the camber
DIY changing suspension - VR6
Ive just had two new front tyres put on today and the weaving is now a lot better. I understand about the camber needing to be done after a suspension change. I've got a really good VW independent not too far from me who I'll be taking it to for the camber adjustments

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