Does welding a door shut cause an MoT problem ? - malteser
Distracted by our grandson, our daughter drove into the house garage with one of the sliding doors on her elderly Fiat Ulysse open, with the result that, as they say "contact was made" with the door jamb. Result - a door detached forcibly from the vehicle!

Her husband has been able to reinstate it to a certain extent, insofar as it will (just) close but will not re-open.
It would be possible to weld it securely and just use the door on the other side of the car, BUT the MOT is due next January.
Would a welded shut door be grounds for failure?
If so, why, as there are I believe new models of, I think Peugeot?, which only have three doors, as built?

Roger. (Costa del Sol, España)
MOT question - Simon
Hmmm strange question. I would guess that if the door was made so that it was no longer a door - ie welded shut and maybe the handles removed too then you would probably be okay in terms of the MOT. Don't quote me on this though, it is only a constructive test.

Would it not be possible just to fix the car properly and fit a new door etc and then there will be no problem at all.
MOT question - Bromptonaut
Some early berlingos (or maybe Kangoos?) had only one sliding door.

Irrespective of any MoT issue I think the questionner would have to declare a modification for insurance purposes with a potential for refusal or a significant premium change.
MOT question - boxsterboy
Of course the new MINI Clubman will only have one side rear door...

I'm sure the Fiat will pass its MOT, so long as there are no sharp edges to the door externally.
MOT question - isisalar
One of the rear doors locks of my car decided to stop working when it was in for its MOT Couldn't unlock it from inside or outside. Proprietor said this wasn't a failure and passed the car.
MOT question - Dynamic Dave
One of the rear doors locks of my car decided to stop working when it
was in for its MOT Couldn't unlock it from inside or outside. Proprietor said this
wasn't a failure and passed the car.

Correct. As long as the rear door was latched securely then it's not a failure. Also, only the front doors have to be opened from both inside and outside the car to pass an MOT.

(the above link may also be of some use to Malteser)

MOT question - malteser
The runner in which the door slides is bent, as is the door - probably not worth spending the sort of cash that would cost, as it's a fairly elderly car - value about a grand, pre-crunch. It's worth more to her as transport as it's such a good workhorse for children and associated impedimenta.
Top of the range with electric everything, too.
Roger. (Costa del Sol, España)
MOT question - nortones2
Isn't there a more serious problem than the MOT? How about escape in the event of a serious crash? Making an exit unavailable assumes all others will remain so: I'd rather not chance that!
MOT question - Cliff Pope
There are of course 2-door cars, with no separate escape from the rear. But the front seats hinge forwards, and the front doors are usually wider to allow easier access.

Some old sports cars didn't have handles on the inside, You had to lower the window, or push the sidescrean clear, and stick an arm out and use the outside handle.
MOT question - normd2
since when did every passenger have to have their own door? There's my Previa, only one sliding door for rear passengers just like the Ford Torneo, Vauxhall Midi, Volkswagen Caravelle etc etc Any coach or double decker bus oh and Boeing seem to have a limited number of doors on their flying models...
MOT question - nortones2
Luckily Boeing don't drive on our roads, where the risk of collision is somewhat higher.....Rather like any exit for emergency use: speed is of the essence. If there are children belted in the back, how do you get them out quickly, if you need to, but can't easily get to them? There isn't a central aisle, SFAIK. I think its a matter for consideration by the OP, when weighing up the whole situation.
MOT question - Mapmaker
Being a bit over-precious, aren't we? Last time I was in France, the first car I saw was a Renault 4 with about eight children and two adults...

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