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Do Nissan gearboxes have any codes on them anywhere which would tell us what cars we could fit it on? I bought a gearbox for Almera quite a while ago but it never fit on it so its lying in my garage but I would like to sell it on ebay or wherever but I don't know what engine sized Nissan Almera/Primera it'll fit on.
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According to Haynes, if it's for an N15 Almera it'll be....

RS5F30A for a 1.4
RS5F31A for a 1.6

The 30A was used on the Sunny 1.4 (both N13 and N14), and the 31A was used on the Sunny 1.6 as well. Not sure if it was used on the Primera P10 1.6, but I'd assume so.
Gearbox - LinuxGeek
GregSwain thanks for your reply. Do you know whereabouts this "RS5F....." number would be on the gearbox?
I just want to make sure I advertise is correctly on the eBay. I was conned by previous seller and don't want anyone else to feel the same as I did. I bought it for MK1 Almera 1.4 but it didn't fit on it.
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weigh it in mazman you will get a £5 and its out of your coal hole,otherwise you might end ip with bad feedbight and cyber germs
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It's probably for a diesel then, because the 2 petrol gearboxes I've mentioned are identical apart from ratios. Unless it's for a SR20 engine as fitted in the sporty petrol ones. Look all over the casing of the gearbox, would've thought it'd be written somewhere.

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