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First a 5w30 viscosity oil was used by one vauxhall dealer,the 2nd a 10w40 viscosity.
I phoned the previous dealer and spoke to a service engineer there and explained I know have 10w40 in use,was told vauxhall recommend the 5w30 but as long as a synthetic oil is in use can use either without any resulting performance or wear and tear issues so its down to my preference I was told (not that I know a lot)
A third vauxhall dealer likes to use 0w30 I was told when phoning another!
I telephoned one kwikfit garage and they would use a 10w40 mobil semi-synthetic.
Such a lack of consistency.
So question being to people here is the 10w40 ok,
I am presuming so and the only negative information I have found is perhaps a little more fuel consumption.

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just had the same experience, 1.2 ecotec agila service book states , 5 30 0 30 0 40 5 40 0nly, asked the receptionist what oil thry used , cause she didnt know hadcto go band find out yes 10w 40 semi syn made her write it in the book and sign it.
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06 chassis onwards 5w30 fully synthetic pre 06 semi synthetic10w40 is what we fit (main dealer)
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A number of Vauxhall dealers, independent garages and individual mechanics are behind the times and haven't noticed that Vauxhall have changed the recommended oil to 5W-30 for recent models, instead of 10W-40 for older ones.

Vauxhall's official website gives the full details:-

The following cars should all use 5W-30 ACEA-A3/B3, whether on extended or normal change intervals

Agila - all
Astra 2004-on
Corsa 2001-on
Meriva - all
Monara - all
Signum - all
Tigra 2004-on
Vectra 2002-on
VX220 - all
Zafira 2004-on

Models on extended oil change intervals must use longlife oil specification 5W-30 GM-LL-A-025 for petrols and 5W-30 GM-LL-B-025 for diesels.

Older Vauxhalls should use 10W-40 ACEA-A3/B3 but can use 5W-30 if they're in good condition.

Judging by the posting from "topbloke", the left hand still doesn't know what the right hand's doing.
inconsistency of oil spec advice. - Dynamic Dave
So question being to people here is the 10w40 ok

It'll be fine - unless your Corsa is on the ECOService interval, in which case 5w/30 should be used.

More details here:-
inconsistency of oil spec advice. - Ruperts Trooper
DD - but according to Vauxhall 5W-30 should be used for ALL Corsa '01-on, not just those on ECOFLEX service schedule.

"Ordinary" 5W-30 ACEA-A3/B3 is fine for standard service intervals but the longlife specification 5W-30 (GM-LL-A/B-025) is needed for extended intervals.
inconsistency of oil spec advice. - Bill Payer
Deoes any of this matter?

If you look at the car manufacturers spec's for oil, they usually suggest a range depending on the ambient temp of where the vehicle is operated. In the UK, pretty well anything is usable.
inconsistency of oil spec advice. - Dynamic Dave
DD - but according to Vauxhall 5W-30 should be used for ALL Corsa '01-on not
just those on ECOFLEX service schedule.

The 5w/30 & 10/w40 are both ACEA A3 / B3, so initially I stand by my earlier suggestion that either oil will be ok.

However, looking at the OP's posting history, he has a 1.3 CDTi. correct me if I'm wrong, but strictly speaking the oil used should have been 5w/30 GM-LL-B-025.

The GM-LL-B-025 is long life oil. If the OP is sticking to the 2yr / 'x' mileage regime, then this is what should have been used. However, if 1 yr / 'x' mileage regime is preferred, then my personal recommendation is still either oil.
inconsistency of oil spec advice. - Ruperts Trooper
Vauxhall's website information is clear - 5W-30 should be used for all Corsa '01-on, with 10W-40 only being suitable for earlier Corsas.

Not all 10W-40 are ACEA-A3/B3.

While anyone is entitled to state their personal recommendations, Vauxhall are clear that only 5W-30 should be used on Corsa '01-on.

I agree that if the 2yr/'x' miles regime is followed, then GM-LL-B-025 must be used for a 1.3CDTi.
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I have the Fiat version of the 1.3CDTI ( the 1.3 Multijet). I rang one of the Fiat service managers to see if this thinner 5w 30 longlife oil could be used instead of the Fiat spec 5w40.(On the Vauxhall 2 year service interval instead of Fiats 12 months.)

Answer, "No way!" So whats different about the 2 engines? Surely the bearing clearances for the oil viscosity is identical? As the engines come from the same plant..

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My 07 Astra has a 1yr/20,000 service interval, like most recent Vauxhalls. 2 year servicing isn't now mentioned and GM-LL-A-025 or GM-LL-B-025 is 'mandatory'. The factory oil is a 5-30 synthetic.

10-40 isn't going to be synthetic.


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