(yr 95-99) - Handbrake Problem - wicked_buffy
My handbrake doesn't hold very well. I've adjusted the cable (very tight on the 5th notch) but the car still moves down the hill. Removed the hubs, the handbrake levers attached to the trailing shoes aren't seized. I've noticed though that the rest position of the lever on the near side brakes is further up than the other side. There is plenty of lining left (min 2mm, spec is 1 mm). Any ideas? The normal braking performance of the car is perfect.
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - Screwloose

I've no idea of the age of this Fiesta, but as a general rule: slacken the handbrake cable TOTALLY, then apply the footbrake to set the self-adjuster ratchets and only then adjust the handbrake cable.

If the handbrake cable[s] are too tight, the self-adjusters won't work and the over-tightened cable will "bottom-out" at the end of it's travel before the shoes have expanded sufficiently to hold the car.
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - Dynamic Dave
I've no idea of the age of this Fiesta....

From the drop down boxes, 1995 to 1999 was chosen, of which I've now edited into the subject header, as per PugUgly's ignored sticky request.
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
The self-adjusters never did work on these cars. Slacken off the handbrake cable. Remove the drums and file off the wear ridge on the edge of the braking surface. You can use an angle grinder if you are confident enough. With two large screwdrivers ease the shoes away from each other gently until the self adjusters 'click' once or twice, refit the drum and operate the footbrake to centralise the shoes, rotate the drum and repeat the operation until the shoes are only just barely touching the drum, you can hear rather than feel contact. Repeat on the other side and you should finish up with a nice handbrake and a better feel to the footbrake. Occasionally the self adjusters sieze up so you'll have to sort that out first. The purpose of removing the wear ridge is to allow the drum to slip over the adjusted shoes without dragging.
Hope it makes sense!

Simplicate and add lightness!!
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - bell boy
just to add if you do as suggested by everyone (which was excellant) and the handbrake still doesnt work then its a fair certainty that the ratchet teeth on the shoe adjusters have worn,i find this verry common now that these cars are getting older,you have to buy the bits in pairs from the dealer and they are £30 approx
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - wicked_buffy
Thanks to everybody for their excellent replies. Before reading them, I removed both drums and dissassembled the shoes. The adjusters are in good condition and not seized. I reset them to the minimum position then reassembled everything. With the hadbrake cable fully slackened, I pressed the footbrake until the clicking from the drums stopped. Then I adjusted up the cable. The result is still a very poor handbake indeed. The car was last serviced a year ago (only 4000 miles ago) and the handbrake cables were renewed by the garage. When the handbrake is applied the cable gives up its slack so I'm sure this bit is alright. I almost feel like fitting new shoes - but the existing ones are well in spec so don't really want to do this. Any more ideas?
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - bell boy
If the adjusters are not slipping off, the shoes are not contaminated or glazed,there isnt a big lip on the drums that is not allowing you to to slip the drum on then i am at a loss,all these fiestas i do i get them one click of the handbrake every time and have never adjusted the actual cable to get a good foot and hand brake in fact the wife plays heck because she struggles to put it on in the morning if she hasnt had her porridge
I therefore suggest something is not just right,another thing i do is always deglaze the shoes and drum with some 80 grit
Check everything again young man
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - jc2
One possible but unlikely idea-tight,partially seized wheel cylinder/s so that the shoes are not being pressed firmly against the drum when you try to reset the auto adjusters.
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - wicked_buffy
Thanks again for the replies. I succombed and fitted new shoes. The problem is better, but not resolved. Could it be that the shoes need to bed in a little first? If this doesn't fix it, maybe I'll change the wheel cylinders...then the drums? Could be that the drums have worn out of spec - I didn't check this. But then again new shoes would have compensated I would have thought.
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - sierraman
As Andrew said,the adjusters don't work properly on these(never have),so they will take up the slack,but won't do that last bit of adjustment that is needed to get the brakes spot on.I have to go though this performance with my Sierra when the handbrake will not hold properly,I would much prefer manual adjusters on the backplate,or may convert to discs at some point.
Renewing the cylinders will make no difference,if the drums are excessively worn there would be a huge lip.
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - Civic8
As sierraman said,they have never worked properly, so I always adjusted these manually, never had any problems doing so....but do file/grind off that lip on the drums,its easier to get drums on/off
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - Galaxy
Could it be that new drums are required?

Even brand new shoes won't work efficiently if the drums are too worn.

Handbrake Problem Fiesta - Screwloose

I'm still thinking that the self-adjusters aren't functioning correctly because the h/b cable levers aren't returning fully to their stops.

That was the usual reason for these adjusters not to work correctly - and if they don't work, neither does the handbrake, whatever you do with the cable.

If the drums are worn to a very unusual degree; then the adjusters will be at full travel.
Handbrake Problem Fiesta - jc2
The adjusters must be clean and DRY;if lubricated won't adjust properly.

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