XJ6 - Airbag warning light - Wolfe
did anybody hear of problems with the airbag warning light ( passenger seat) of a Jaguar xj 6?
(The light goes on despite the fact that the passenger is well protected by a seat belt and up to 50 cm off the dashboard)
Chip/ computer problems?
Since 3 years my dealer is not able to fix that problem.


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XJ6 - Airbag warning light - Lotus mad
There's various sensors in the roof of the car to determine whether the passenger is large/heavy enough for the airbag to deploy safely in the event of a collision. If it deems someone to be too small/too light it will automatically switch it off and the passenger airbag light comes on. When my 9 year old son sits inthe front of my XJ8 the light is on, but if my wife sits in the seat the light stays off.
Airbag warning light - The Goose
Yes we have the same. Wifey is five foot one & petite and we get this problem in an x-type. Quite annoying really.

Jaguar say the trigger weight for the "child recognition" feature is set at 40kg (she isn't THAT petite!) but that if she sits with the seat set back or is short the car might get confused. Net result is half the time the airbag is armed and half the time it isn't.

What an utterly pointless, and potential dangerous "safety" feature. Surely people with small children should be expected to exercise a bit of common sense and put their kids in the back rather than adults risk injury because the airbag fails to go off?

(Not to mention that fact that driving with a warning light on is an irritation)


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