Vauxhall Sintra car alarm problem - theolcia
Hi all, don't laugh but I've just bought a used Vauxhall Sintra. My 6yr old daughter played with the spare key fob during the purchase and now the car's power lock unlock still works fine. However, the alarm will not cancel until it has gone off.this is what happens , I press the unlock button on the key fob and all the car locks unlock, I then open the car door and the siren sounds . I then have to press the unlock button again to cancel the alarm. I've contacted Vauxhall about this and they would be happy to fix it for around 100 quid, id rather buy everybody on my street ear defenders. Please help me if anyone knows of a fix
Vauxhall Sintra car alarm problem - Ruperts Trooper
The Sintra, being built in the USA, doesn't have many systems in common with European Opel/Vauxhalls - the alarm is one of them.

Try the Vauxhall Owners' Network ( ) for advice - don't hold your breath, not many Sintras were sold, so not many owners!

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