Modern Car Crash Safety - boxsterboy
There was a stark reminder of the weakness of old cars compared to the modern car NCAP crash test results we often see, in Roehampton last night.

An old (proper) Mini had hit a lamp post, just 2 lamp posts after a speed camera in a 30 mph limit, during the afternoon rush - so its probably fairly safe to assume the driver wasn't speeding.

The way the car folded up at (presumably 30) was shocking, and I fear the driver must have been injured. Modern cars with their increased safety standards (excepting G Whizzes and anything of Chinese design), noise insulation, airbags, etc. insulate us from the realities of driving. Seeing a crash like that brings it all into perspective, and perhaps learner drivers should be educated in these realities, rather than 'green motoring', which seems to be the way it is going.

I'll certainly take it a little easier next time I'm out in my 2CV.
Modern Car Crash Safety - normd2
my old style mini experience is a bit different. Queuing for the tolls on the Forth Road bridge (southbound so it was many years ago) I was hit from behind by Cavalier. His car was thoroughly smashed up and undrivable; the mini needed an afternoons work with hammers and dollys and new rear lights. However some months later I tossed a dud EPROM from the boot of one car to a rubbish box by the mini, missed, hit the back window which promptly shattered. I can only assume the bodyshell was slightly twisted and had the window under tension.
Modern Car Crash Safety - jase1
I hit a lamppost at about 25mph earlier this year in a 2001 Hyundai Accent (trying to avoid someone who drove out in front of me).

The car was a hideous mess, but the interior was untouched. The safety of modern cars is impressive, even these so-called lesser models. I have no doubt that if that had been an 80s car it would have hurt.
Modern Car Crash Safety - Garethj
If you hit a lampost in pretty much anything it's going to look a mess from outside.

All that energy being forced through the narrow area of a lampost is hard work for a car to take, although in the mini's favour it doesn't weigh much so the forces won't be so high.

Try and crash into something wide is my advice. Or not crash at all.
Modern Car Crash Safety - Lud
Try and crash into something wide is my advice. Or not crash at all.

Or if you really must crash, choose a gate rather than a wall and a hedge rather than a bank; and if possible try and make it a scrape down one side rather than a bang on the nose...
Modern Car Crash Safety - Garethj
All valuable tips, Lud. I just hope they ask us when it's time to update the highway code.

Who knows - perhaps it could be part of the driving test too?

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