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Hi all,

Just come across an insurance issue for an up coming holiday. I'm going away with 3 children and my partner, and so, as much as I love my Polo Saloon, it just isn't big enough in the back for 3 car seats. Therefore, a friend of mine has offered to lend me his bigger car for the trip. The problem I have stumbled across though is - his insurance won't cover me abroad, even as a named driver, unless he comes aswell - which isn't an option - and my insurance won't cover me third party abroad either.

Now, as the car is already insured by him, what would be my options? Do any of you helpful BRs have any suggestions.....we leave on Friday!!! lol

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Phone your insurance company, if they were like mine were a couple of years ago, they'll probably charge you a tenner to get it properly sorted.
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I've put a "temporary car" onto my policy before, covered under same conditions as my own car, and only cost £17.50 for 2 weeks. Depends on your insurance company I spose - mine at the time was Admiral, and I found them to be very flexible with things like that.
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Thanks for the advice. I can now say that my insurance company certainly do not give me More Than everyone else as they just turned around and said that they would not cover me under any circumstance for a temp car unless it was with a garage who were servicing my car! Going to see an insurance brooker on Monday I think unless any one else has a suggestion...

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Short-term insurance available here:

Other option is to take out a year's policy on it. Then cancel within statutory 14-day period cooling off period, check what admin fees they charge, as it does vary, usuallly about £20
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This is how companies beat your current quote by "£100".
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Thanks for the link to NU - got it with the Europe cover for £60 so not too bad I think....

I did consider the taking the whole years policy and then cancelling, but then should I need to use it, I wouldn't be able to cancel it and I would be a few hundred pounds worse off!

I just can't believe how unhelpful More Than really were - they have to give me an excellent renewal price to keep my business that's for sure!

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