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Can anyone tell me how many miles past a servicing schedule i can go?

My car is currently on 40,500 miles and i can get it serviced for another week. Will my warranty be invalid if it isnt done sooner. The last service was done at 30,500. It is a Kia Sedona diesel.


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If you have a warranty and you do not get it serviced before or on due mileage or date, then some dealers can use this as an excuse to wriggle out of warranty repairs. In reality most may give a leeway of a few hundred miles or a couple of weeks.
All new car warranties I have seen require full service history.
However not sure what happens if you ring up dealer 2 weeks before it is due and they say cannot do it for 5 weeks ...
If not under warranty then it is maybe can go slightly longer past servicing mileage - but really depends on how the car has been treated... in some instances handbooks say you should have it serviced at shorter intervals.

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