Mondeo Zetec S - Simon Ridgers
Why's it taken Ford so long to produce its hot Mondeo. This was due in January, and now it seems that it will be launched in May. Have they had problems?

Looking at the spec its perhaps not as hot as it seems. 170 bhp in a car with the size and weight of the Mondeo will not win any prizes. Anyone know if there will be an ST200 successor?
Re: Mondeo Zetec S - David Lacey
Simon, it's a Ford - say no more........
Re: Mondeo Zetec S - phil garner
I agree with David. Take your money elsewhere. You could have a nice A4/Passat/something with class for the cost of one of those things.

FWIW, in autocar it says there is a 220bhp ST220 on its way.
Re: Mondeo Zetec S - Richard Tickner
The Vectra V6 GSI is a storming car and will blow the Mondeo ST24 and 200 into the weeds. It might be long in the tooth but it is still a good car.
Re: Mondeo Zetec S - Steve Boreham
Agree about the Vectra GSi.
I have driven one (Estate) for the past thirteen months and it's a cracker.

Terrifically quick, in both acceleration and ultimate top speed (152MPH indicated on a drive through Germany to the Czech Republic last year), but very relaxed and tractable too when you're not in the mood to play.

Well balanced handling for the real world, too, with plenty of feedback, and a stupendous level of grip.

Quiet high speed cruising, but a lovely touring-car like bellow that develops in to a V6 howl when you give it some serious beans.

Totally reliable.
Plenty of toys to play with.

I had a free rein on what I chose (this is a company car) and I'm delighted that I didn't follow the brand-name-is-all led herds, and choose the German metal that most people assumed I would.

I have a very friendly, and competent, dealer for servicing, too: Knotty Green Vauxhall, near Beaconsfield.

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