Megane Scenic RX4 - Cambelt DIYable? - thomp1983
as above, sisters 1.9dci rx4 is due it's belt change and she's asked if i want to do it.

first answer was not likely but then thats my answer to everything so probably will look at it. for those that have done one on this engine is it a diyable prospect?, ive done plenty belts on various cars but this would be the first for this engine. will be doing belt, tensioners and waterpump. will proper locking tools be required or will well placed, multiple paint marks suffice? or are substitute relevent locking tools easily made? book time is just over 3 hours so ill allow it a full day which should be plenty id feel, i assume the old method of tensioning the belt to reasonable deflection will be sufficient?

Megane Scenic RX4 - Cambelt DIYable? - Collos25
You need the proper locking tool and it needs to be in the air on ramps otherwise you will really struggle.Check you have the correct belt as two different ones depending on engine code.

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