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Volvo S80 2.5D - Diagnostic Reader. - gsb49
Is there anyone out there that knows of a diagnostic reader for the 2.5 diesel S80 Volvo yr 2000?
Someone must make one!


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Volvo S80 2.5D - Diagnostic Reader. - adverse camber
which engine management system ?

On the v70 (and I assume the s80 is the same) they have the bosch msa system but there was a changeover at year 2000. If the early version 15.7 then I am told that both vag-com and vol-fcr will work but the later 15.8 you need either the dealer vadis or possibly the bosch kit (ie not home mechanic stuff)

I suspect you are out of luck. our v70 is a 2000 model (ie late 1999 car but with the model changes for the 2000 year) and it is msa15.8 :(

The 15.8 was only used for a short while before the D5 came in. I havent looked into it in detail but I think the 15.8 is canbus which rules out a lot of cheap tools anyway. I tried a canbus reader and it said the bus was there but wouldnt talk to the ecu.
Volvo S80 2.5D - Diagnostic Reader. - adverse camber
And if you do find one that works please come back and let us know - my check engine light is on at the moment, I suspect the maf and might well replace it anyway (maf £100, dealer diagnostics £??)
Volvo S80 2.5D - Diagnostic Reader. - gsb49
Thanks for the information, it's my check engine light thats on. Reading the forums implies the MAF so I bought one of ebay for £70, changed it but could not reset the check light. It ran for 50 miles before the same symptoms appeared, engine check light comes on when standing then when pulling away it's as if there is no power but eventually it comes. Turning the engine off then restarting clears it for awhile, but I need to cure it.

I can tell you that a Scangauge II doesn't work also the ilexa VOL-FCR, nothing that Gedan makes plus the PPC Diagnostic.
It looks like its the dealer! as I am in Nottingham I will give Dave Peacock at Chillwell a call?

I will keep you informed on my search

Volvo S80 2.5D - Diagnostic Reader. - gsb49
Better still I took it to Dave Pengelly in Nottingham, he's just around the corner from me, he stuck it on the computer and it came back with ECM0033.
Which is the throttle posstion, so I am keeping an eye on it to see if it returns (which it will) then its back to him for repair

Volvo S80 2.5D - Diagnostic Reader. - gsb49
An update

Yes it was the accelerator pedal, it's a fly by wire on this model. It was changed and all seems OK

Volvo S80 2.5D - Diagnostic Reader. - gsb49
I had this reply from BSR regarding this www.ppc-diagnostic.com/

Your message: 06-22-07 12:43 am
You claim it reads all S80 from 1999, please confirm it reads the S80 2.5D yr 2000.

Regards Gordon

BSR: 06-28-07 10:18 am
Hello Gordon,

That is a correct claim.

Best regards /BSR

Volvo S80 2.5D - Diagnostic Reader. - adverse camber
Thanks for that link Gordon.

£300 though - need to think about that. :(
Volvo S80 2.5D - Diagnostic Reader. - gsb49
My thoughts exactly!
Depends on how bad you want one.
BTW the Geniscan OBD II Code Reader item 220125975749 on ebay will not read an S80 2.5D I tried it.
It may of course read others no problem.

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