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Bit of an odd one here.

I have some ST owners' club members who go one about cold air feeds onto their induction cones to boost power. This reduces heat soak, apparently. I'm sure by the time the air has traveled through the induction manifold; the original temp reduction is lost.

I have on my Mondeo 200 a metal air cone. I would think this would be more susceptible to heat soak than the normal paper K&N type filters.

My question is, would a fine spray of cold water onto the cone damage the engine? Water injection has been looked into for years and considering that for every litre of fuel burned a litre of water is produced I'm not sure if it would cause any damage.

I've always understood that cold damp air is denser, thus better for engine output.

Air filter. Water cooling - bathtub tom
'for every litre of fuel burned a litre of water is produced'

Try: for every litre of fuel burned, ten litres of water is produced.
Water vapour in the air, just imagine how much air is sucked in!
Air filter. Water cooling - AdyBeee
Sorry, let me clarify

For every litre of liquid fuel burned, 99% of a litre of liquid water is produced. Did I mention vaporized fuel or vaporized water?

Anyway. Back the original question........

Air filter. Water cooling - bathtub tom
'Did I mention vaporized fuel or vaporized water?'

No, but how much liquid fuel will my carburettor be vapourising?

It's my age, I feel an attack of the vapours coming on. Perhaps I need an injection. :>)
Air filter. Water cooling - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
IIRC Subaru rally cars had a water ? spray system to the air inlet as part of the competition homologation papers. No idea how it worked in this instance but sure there are many other methods to increase power nowadays.
WWII aircraft used water/alcohol injection under full power applications - I used to have a copy of a De Havilland Mosquito manual which referred to this.
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Vast numbers of things were included in Homologation documents and were never used-they were in there "just in case".
Air filter. Water cooling - Andy P
First, the air fed into the engine should be cold - cold air is denser and thus contains more oxygen. The last induction kit I looked at had a large pipe that fed cold air from beneath the bumper to the cone air filter (and also an ample supply of water to wash under the bonnet if you happened to drive through deep water).

On the Impreza, the water spray went onto the intercooler, again to increase the air density and thus the oxygen content.
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IIRC, water injection is metered by a sized jet in the inlet manifold and the volume of water is controlled by the manifold pressure. So spraying water onto the cone filter is going to be a bit of a hit and miss affair in terms of amounts. Also AFAIK cone filtes have an oiled element, which would get washed out by the water, greatly reducing the filtration effect and shortening the life of the filter.
Air filter. Water cooling - AdyBeee
I wash my filter with a pressure washer every month. The metal mesh does the filtration work and I'm pretty sure there is no oiled element in it.

If I were to capitulate and buy a cold air "Dyson hose" feed, I'd not place it too low. As mentioned, this could suck up a phat puddle and cause no end of problems.

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