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Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - jayvee
I have a peugeot 307 with alloys and locking wheel nuts, one of the nuts is refusing to move with the "nut key", it just pushes the "key " off the nut, has anybody got any ideas how to remove it without damaging the wheel? they are factory fitted and are set back into the wheel by about 3/4" so it is hard to get a chisel in to try and persuade it round.
Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - Closure
The only thing you can do is go down to Kwik Fit or someone and ask them, they may be able to cut it off without damaging the wheel, otherwise I dont think there is another way.
Maybe look for a replacement wheel on ebay for cheap, and remove the other wheel damaging it.

Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - jc2
Special tools are available for removing these but will damage/destroy the nut in doing it;our local "Formula1" certainly has a set of them.They don't damage the wheel at all.
Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - scotmech
I am now retired ... I was a small ... 'One man band' ... I still have the box of sockets for removing these locking wheel nuts ... they are threaded left hand thread and about 8 different sized sockets in the box ... some locking nuts had a sleeve on them that was easily chiseled off ... I bought them from Partco 3 years ago and were around £30 for the set ... a lot cheaper than buying a wheel ... I must have used them a dozen times and never failed ...
Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - jayvee
thanks for that, there is no hexagon on the bolt head, the removing socket has four small pins that I assume fit into holes drilled into the head of the bolt which looks to be round. I can only think that at sometime some clown has had the air wrench on the nut and damaged both the bolt head and the removal tool.
Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - Dynamic Dave
I had similar locking bolts on one of my previous Vauxhalls. The holes in one of the wheel bolts became tapered and the locking key kept slipping off as well.

This is how I got around the problem. Using an extra pair of hands, a star wheel brace, hydraulic bottle jack and a small block of wood, I first parked close to a brick wall, then fitted the locking key onto the damaged wheel bolt. I then put the star brace on the locking key and then held the small block of wood against the other end of the star brace. I then put the bottle jack horizontally between the brick wall and block of wood - pumping it up to remove any slack and to force the wheel brace tight against the wheel bolt so that it couldn't slip off when turned. Use the extra pair of hands as you see fit when you want something holding while you operate the bottle jack, and then get that extra pair of hands to turn the wheel brace while you steady the bottle jack, etc to stop it from slipping off the block of wood, etc. The locking key was unable to be pushed off the wheel bolt as the heath robinson method I used prevented it from doing so.
Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - Bill Payer
I then put the bottle jack horizontally between the brick wall...

Can I strongly suggest that a large (in area) piece of wood is put between the bottle jack and the wall to spread the load? If a brick gets displaced then it won't be very easy to put it back!

I also wouldn't do this on a garden wall type of structure for fear of pushing it over.
Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - Dynamic Dave
Thanks Bill Payer. I should have pointed out that I used a sturdy brick wall (side of a building with a double brick layer), and not a flimsy garden wall.
Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - jayvee
thanks for that it worked a treat! used scissor jack but just a bit wobbly, now bought a new set of bolts on ebay. thanks again.jv
Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - Dynamic Dave
Thanks for the feedback jayvee. Much appreciated.
Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - mike hannon
Just thought I'd add the advice from my recent thread on a stuck security nut on a Prelude.
I took the advice to hammer an old socket onto it and try to turn it with something bigger than the standard wheelbrace.
It worked fine - except for the pulled arm muscle.
Now I know how easy it is for the toerags to get these nuts off I don't think I'll bother with them again.
Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - Jin
this is whats happend to me i got a flat yesterday night and couldnt get the locking nut off called the AA and they couldnt aswell so they towed me home now im off to halfords to get a set of laser locking wheel nut removal tool and a new blot from pug. i the tool doesn't work then i guess im gonna have to get the drill out and strat driliing away. I gave PUg a ring about the nut and they said you can order one but i think im just gonna take them off and put new nuts on instead of the pins. damm nuts might just have to go back to the good old plastic trims.
Pug 307 locking wheel nuts - bikerider
Same thing happened on my sons 106,i solved the problem by drilling the offending bolt head off and then once the wheel was off i was able to get a pair of mole grips on the stud and turn it out

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