Fitting a bike rack - Zafira - johnny
I have just dug this rack out of the attic, last used a couple of years ago on a Laguna. I can't find any instructions but figured it must go something like this ( see link ). There are some plastic dumbell things that you trap behind the door hinges. I assume the straps on each side reduce left - right movement. The rack is about five years old from Halfords. I'm not anticipating going more than ten miles or so.

Q1 - Is this sort of right / safe ?
Q2 - Would it be legal assuming you can see the rear lights and registration plate.
Q3 - Which bit of the car is bearing most of the weight ? Bumper or door hinges ?

Fitting a bike rack - Zafira - tom_79
Hi Johnny,

The straps at the top of the tailgate (with the dumbells) should ideally have the same fitment (i.e. rubber-coated metal hooks) as per those you have got at the sides (the plastic dumbells are for glass hatches, such as the Laguna). If you haven't retained these they are still available to buy from Halfords (complete with straps).

What are the bottom straps attached to? I can't see in the photo, but it should be something strong underneath the car, such as a towing hook or the chassis rather than a plastic bumper.

If you can see the lights and numberplate it should be legal as long as it is secured correctly.

Hope this helps, Tom.

(P.S. Why not pop down to your local Halfords and see if anyone can look at it for you?)
Fitting a bike rack - Zafira - normd2
the bottom two straps hook under the lower edge of the tailgate, the idea being that with the bikes removed you can still open and close the tailgate normally. With all six straps tensioned evenly the weight is spread across the whole area. Don't forget to actually secure the bikes to the carrier too (should be another strap for this purpose) unlike the guy I saw on the M5 last year who was trying to retrieve bikes from the middle lane......
Fitting a bike rack - Zafira - johnny
Bottom straps go right under the car, I remember writhing about in the gutter trying to find a suitable anchor - these are galvanised hooks so wouldn't attach to anything with paintwork. I'm more concerned with the general shape of the whole thing, there's a near infinite number of combinations this can be made into.

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