Blowing exhaust question - TimOrridge
My exhaust which is the original is blowing like mad at the front pipe/cat join. Bought a front pipe, cat and middle section and a back box (complete lot) for 180 inc vat. Fitting on Monday.

Am i to see any benefit from this? (MPG/performance) I have notice that the car seems sluggish lately or is it just the noise thats fooling me?

And would an air filter change help at same time?

Blowing exhaust question - topbloke
you may get a slight improvment in mpg and in performance, the big improvement will come in being able to evade the long arm of the law, a air filter change will never hurt but depends on when last changed !
Blowing exhaust question - Hamsafar
Leave the air filter for a while, don't do too many things at once, or you won't know what made a difference if any.
Blowing exhaust question - TimOrridge
Cheers, incase ur wondering the exhaust parts are cheap i know, but have ordered the off and they are TIMAX brand, anyone any experience of this brand

Im following bangernomics and simply cannot afford VAG prices, my quote was 2.5 times what i am paying now and are not guranteed to last any longer
Blowing exhaust question - MerlinTec
TIMAX Is very poor and will probably only last just past the guaranty where a VAG one will last 5 years+. You get what you pay. A bosal one will not be much more and a lot better you may even see a bosal part number on a genuine exhaust.
Blowing exhaust question - piston power
I use walker never had a problem & a very good fit,prices same as timax/bosal,etc. genuine exhausts are much better but also more expensive!
Blowing exhaust question - Aprilia
Walker, Arvin Timax and Bosal are all much the same. Walker and Arvin Timax are big American multi-nationals and Bosal is a big Dutch multinational. They all supply to the OE market - but their OE exhausts are made to higher standards than their aftermarket ones. The real question is how long is it guaranteed? They normally last a bit longer than the warranty!

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