Subaru Impreza running costs - espzetec
Looking for some advise on the running costs a 2.0 WRX STi PPP. What can I expect to pay for services etc.
I'll be doing roughly 20k per year so what kind of maintanence costs are involved, for example brakes, tyres and anything else?
Subaru Impreza running costs - normd2
cost of tyres and brakes will be down to your driving style and whether or not you suffer from Scoobyitis.
Scoobyitis, the undeniable urge to replace everything possible on the car to make it go faster and handle better. Before you know where you are you'll have 18" wheels, 4 pot calipers, big bore stainless exhaust, bigger turbo and spend your saturdays at the rolling road experimenting with different chips. I know, I've seen it happen, there's a Dastek across the street - oh and it'll be blue with gold wheels....
Subaru Impreza running costs - espzetec
No your mistaken, I will not be modifying the car at all. Also it will not be blue as it's too common. Prefer the black myself.
Subaru Impreza running costs - nick
If you give your local dealer a ring thay'll tell you the menu price for the services. Parts like brake pads are very expensive from the dealer but you should be able to source them elsewhere easily enough. If it's out of warranty then find a specialist who'll be cheaper.
Nice car BTW, thinking of one myself.
Plenty of Impreza websites out there, get googling. Try for lots of owner info and links.
You'll get people on here saying how expensive they are on fuel etc, but you don't buy that sort of car and expect diesel economy. For what they cost to buy, there's not much else that comes close for performance and practicality.
Subaru Impreza running costs - espzetec
I agree entirely. I know fuel and insurance is high but these are costs that I am willing to pay. I just would like to geta feel of how much I need to set aside each year to maintain the car.

Subaru Impreza running costs - RichardW
"You'll get people on here saying how expensive they are on fuel etc"

Hmmm, 20k / year @ 20 mpg = £4.5k in petrol, @ 25 mpg = £3.6k in fuel. If you can afford the fuel, all other costs are going to pale into insignificance!

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Subaru Impreza running costs - spikeyhead {p}
If you drive it gently then the tyres will last 10k miles. If not then only 5k. All four need replacing at the same time to keep the 4wd happy. When I last had a scooby they were £500 a set, so you're looking at between £1 and £2k pa on tyres.

Expect to do a clutch, that'll cost between £500 and £1k,

Your local dealer will provide servicing costs, the service interval IIRC is 7k5 miles, so three services a year.

I reckoned that the two I had cost about £1 per mile in running costs. Tyres alone accounted for 10p a mile, that's more than the fuel costs for my Mondeo.

Check the insurance cost before you buy, you'll probably also need to buy a tracker if you want it insured against theft.

They're great fun to drive but unless most of your milage is on windy roads then I'd buy a repmobile and a Caterham

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Subaru Impreza running costs - Aprilia
I think Impreza's are great cars - for past couple of years I have been doing servicing and mods on a couple of local cars. However I would definitely not choose one to do 20k PA in. I assume that a fair proportion of this will be highway cruising - and the turbo'd Imprezas are not ideal for this. You don't really notice all the extra performance when cruising and the car is a bit noisy. The STi suspension is just too hard and rough-edged and becomes very tiring after a while. A standard WRX would be a better choice if you must have an Impreza, or even consider the latest non-turbo version, the RX, which has the 'rough edges' taken off it and is actually decently comfortable and rapid enouogh as a day to day 'traffic-jammer' - with a fraction of the running costs. The STi should be kept for the open road at weekends and holiday time!

In terms of servicing (10k's) - the Suby dealers are dear for regular servicing - try an independent like Roger Clark, API or Scoobyclinic if you are close to one.

In terms of bits that need replacing - well pads are a crazy price from the dealer - aftermarket are cheaper. Then as mentioned above you'll need at least one (possibly two) sets of tyres a year (£100+ per tyre, depending on brand) and maybe a clutch at 2yr/40k depending on how its used. IIRC cambelts are either 40 or 50k and that's a £350-400 service item. Fuel consumption around the 24mpg mark, or higher if you really use the performance.

One of the biggest snags with the fast (Sti) models is the likelihood of vandal damage, theft or even car-jacking. The STi's are widely sought as getaway cars. Insurance will be very dear. You'll need a Tracker, which will be a couple hundred puonds plus fitting plus annual subscription.

Like I said, great cars in the 'right' environment, but not a great choice as a 20k a year car IMHO.
Subaru Impreza running costs - nick
I didn't notice the 20k per year in the original post. I'd agree, not the ideal car for that. I'd have kittens leaving it in a carpark anywhere and hard suspension on a long run would be very tiring.
How about a Legacy 3 litre Spec B? Comfortable despite 18'' wheels, discreet, fast enough (0-60 6.5 secs), good handling although not quite in the Impreza's class but better than anything else of the size for the money. I get 30 mpg on a long run driven sensibly now it's run in, dropping to an average of 25-26 mpg in local use and using the power. All the toys including a good built-in sat nav and you can get them relatively cheaply. Well screwed together and reliable, Good discounts are available. Have a look on and use the used car locator.

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