MOT failure - advice needed - TimOrridge

Car failed MOT at weekend on a leaky fuel pipe. Tester not very helpful as to pointing out where leak coming from, just says I need a new fuel pipe and watching his hand run from back to front of car was not reasurring. Any way call round a few motor factors including the European specialists and they have said the "fuel pipe" is a dealer only part. Called local Audi dealer and was quoted £190 for a fuel pipe.

Any ideas as it seems a lot for a fuel pipe. Any suggestions appreciated


Car Audi 80 2.0E 93'L
MOT failure - advice needed - normd2
I had a rusted fuel line on my diesel Pug 505. The dealer wanted a similar price for the steel lines so ended up using a coil of copper pipe from my local DIY store. Worked a treat, was the same diameter, and could be easily shaped by hand so replaced the lot from the tank to the engine (and the return line) in an afternoon's rolling about the driveway.
MOT failure - advice needed - martint123
It will be "dealer only" because no one will bother stocking it as they are so easy to make up from standard pipe. It's normally a bit larger than copper brake pipe and when I had to replace my old renault 5's I got the required pipe from a plumbers merchant - thinwall small bore something or other. The ends were just clips in hoses so it was an easy enough job to do.

You MOT guy could be right - it wasn't easy to see where the leak was as it runs along the pipe to the low point - but once underneath, the thing almost fell apart.
MOT failure - advice needed - bell boy
The mot man obviously didnt want to get involved and i understand the reasons why.
Personally i would take the car to an independant back street place (if you have one) and get them to replace the pipe for you,they will have suitable pipe in stock and hopefully be able to fasten it up securly next to the rotten one (s)
MOT failure - advice needed - Aprilia
I assume this is an injection car with pump at the back - in which case the fuel line could be at 60psi - so you don't want to bodge it. Either get a new run of pipe from the dealer, or take it to a good independent. If pipe bursts you'll get a load of fuel dumped under the car - 60psi plus a few litre/minute pumping capacity leaves a big pool of petrol! Had a pipe burst on a Senator once and it was quite frightening.
MOT failure - advice needed - TimOrridge
Yes car is an injection model woth pump under on top of tank in boot. Dad seems to think he can fix it upon reading thi spost. However I have a independant on standby just incase I want to get it done by soem one else.

Im looking at 250 at an independant.
Shame really, car is 14 year old and you wouldnt believe the condition. Engine is in very good condition for 140000 miles and rides nice, and fuel line only thing its failed on since ive had it 2.5 years. I wanted to run it into gound 200000+. my last one ran to past that

Is it mad to spend that on a car that in reality isnt worh 500 quid?
MOT failure - advice needed - Aprilia
Well, its the old old story isn't it? Car's value dwindles but repair costs are similar to those of a new car. You have to decide what its 'worth' to you.
MOT failure - advice needed - local yokel
It might only fetch £500 on the open market, but you know it's reliable and that it's been well-cared for. That's not easy to value, but it's better than taking a punt on another £500 car. Fix it, and pray that nothing goes wrong for a bit!
MOT failure - advice needed - TimOrridge
Well if i did get another one, it will be an Audi 80. Perhaps a diesel one this time though. Wouldnt have another type of car however I did turn down a nice A4 other week.

We shall see, thanks for alll advice.
MOT failure - advice needed - madux
Hmmm...... Bought a Cavalier a couple of years ago with 1 years MOT. Had it checked by my local garage and it needed welding and the fuel tank was leaking. Reported this to the Vehicle Operating Standards Agency who came and retested it. In their opinion, it did not need welding and it did not matter that the tank was leaking.
MOT failure - advice needed - Dynamic Dave
and it did not matter that the tank was leaking.


Method of Inspection
1. Check the following for leaks or insecurity:
a. fuel tanks

Reason for rejection
a. Fuel leaking

I don't suppose the Cavalier's number plate was something like CAM 569V ;o)
MOT failure - advice needed - madux
I don't suppose the Cavalier's number plate was something like CAM 569V ;o)

OK OK OK Maybe it was 566! Whatever, it was only one digit away. Maybe 568 has been moved to a cherished vehicle? Maybe the bang on the head affected me more than i thought?
It was 24 years ago. Would I lie to you? Would I have the imagination to make that up?
MOT failure - advice needed - Dynamic Dave
Would I have the imagination to make that up?

Oh dear, someone has got out the wrong side of the bed and failed to see the smiley

I'll make it bigger this time ;o)
MOT failure - advice needed - madux
I can't help the paranoia. Why don't people believe me? Is it just voices in my head? My shrink keeps telling me the light at the end of the tunnel is probably the headlights on an oncoming train. Do trains have headlights? Not sure I trust him. Can I trust DD? He might be laughing at me. :)
MOT failure - advice needed - Aprilia
it needed welding and the fuel tank was leaking.

Not a good combination...
MOT failure - advice needed - Cliff Pope
I suppose there are leaks and leaks. A constant drip would be one thing, but a stain in the mud around a tank connection might well not matter.
I have occasionaly had trouble with a needle float valve on the Triumph, and a slight dampness under one carburetor. MOT testers have never commented on it.
MOT failure - advice needed - boxsterboy
The last time my car failed an MOT for a leaking fuel pipe the tester fixed for me on the spot for, IIRC £35. Needless to say he has had a lot of repeat business from me. And no he doesn't regularly fail cars and carry out hidden minor 'repairs' to bump up the cost - this is the only fail I have had. Although that is tempting fate as he is testing SWMBO's CLK on Saturday!
MOT failure - advice needed - rtj70
Once saw a car parked up near Howarth and saw a puddle under neath. Got nearer and could smell petrol. Crouched down and could see it coming out from somewhere under the vehicle quite quickly.

The driver and passenger were in the car (a BMW 3 series, model before last) so I got their attention and he got out, took a look and quickly drove off... not sure I'd have driven off without knowing more. Might have moved the car from over the large puddle of petrol first and investigated a little further myself.
MOT failure - advice needed - TimOrridge
Well thanks for all advice

I have a local mechanic has obtained some generic fuel pipes and has traced the leak. And this weekind is going to shape and replace the pipe.

Thanks to all

I will report back if the retest goes OK

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