Ford Focus Manifold - tranter79
Hi, I have a Vreg focus 1.4 hatch. Just been down to a garage as my exhaust needed replacing. I have since found out that the manifold flexi pipe has a hole in it and its going to cost a lot to get a new one. I have rung round all the salvage yards but can't find one for a 1.4, will one from a 1.6 fit or can you get a repair patch for the pipe? Any help on this would be much appreciated.
Ford Focus Manifold - bell boy
if the flexi has a leak then you really need a new one
i wouldnt buy a s/h one
i dont know if a 1600 is the same
shop around for a price new from a few factors ive never done one on a focus, but even my primera one cost only £47
Ford Focus Manifold - tranter79
Thanks for that, does any one know if it possible to buy a replacement flexi pipe and if so where from as I thought you had to buy a complete manifold?
Ford Focus Manifold - Pete Mansell
Ford Rapid Fit charged £168 + vat 2 years ago for fitting a new manifold/flex pipe to my Focus 1.6, so not cheap
Ford Focus Manifold - mikej
I have a 1.8i Mk1 Focus and as far as I know, the manifold and flex pipe are separate, on all the Mk1 models at least.

On the 1.4 and 1.6, the flex pipe joins the exhaust manifold to the (if it's still original) one piece rear section which contains the (horizontally mounted) catalytic converter and the two silencers.

On the 1.8 and 2l models, the cat is mounted vertically between the manifold and the flex pipe and the flex pipe is joined to the original one-piece rear containing the two silencers.

As for cost - the flex pipe for my 1.8i cost £68 including fitting at ATS which I got replaced at the same time as the centre and rear silencers (£170 in total)

The flex pipe from Ford would have been £82, but of course you'd have any fitting charges on top of that (I certainly wasn't going to tackle those bolts after 70,000 miles !)

I found getting Focus exhaust prices online quite tricky. One I did find was - my flex pipe was around £62 (incl. VAT and delivery) for comparison.


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