VW Golf MK4 Instrument Panel Failure - tom_79
Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone can help?

My FIL has a 2004 Golf 1.4 Match (last of the Mk IVs), and is having problems with the instrument panel. Whilst the rev-counter, odometer, temperature gauge and trip computer all seem to work fine, the speedometer has packed up completely.

Also, the fuel gauge only reads correctly until the car is driven, at which point the needle floats around randomly and the Engine Check light is permanently illuminated. This seems to have come about as the result of checking a couple of fuses to attempt to solve another problem...

Could a disturbance of the fuses cause this problem? If anyone can give us any ideas we would be very grateful.
VW Golf MK4 Instrument Panel Failure - elekie&a/c doctor
Firstly,make sure you have the correct fuses in the right locations.(fuse box at end of dash,drivers side)There are lots of "blanks" with no contacts.Then disconnect the battery for 5 mins ,reconnect and re-try.
VW Golf MK4 Instrument Panel Failure - tom_79
Thanks for your response.

I've had a look at the fuses and they all appear to be in the right places, also he thinks they were all done one-at-a-time and put back correctly. Should all of the blanks be free of contacts or would this vary with the car's equipment?

We also tried disconnecting the battery, leaving the car and then re-connecting it. Whilst this turned the Engine Check light off for a few seconds, it came back on again. Everything else remains the same.

Thanks again.

VW Golf MK4 Instrument Panel Failure - tom_79

The car is now sorted.

Following a telephone call to the local main dealer who quoted £70 just to look at the problem, FIL called the local VW independant specialist (W H Jervis, Stoke on Trent). Despite being visibly busy, they diagnosed the problem with the dashboard AND repaired the initial fault (a non-opening front passenger door) on the spot. The fee for all of this was £5! Needless to say, Jervis's received a decent tip and the promise of much future custom.

Thanks again to elekie doctor.


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