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2000 astra 1.7tdi gearbox change - stustu92
Hi all,

i'm a newbie here, be gentle.
I've got a 2000 1.7dti astra LS ,(Y17DT engine) and the gearbox went about 18 months ago.
I had the gearbox replaced and the one they put in is geared differently than the one taken out.
Its very annoying that i have to thrash the car to get to 70MPH.
I was just wondering whats involved with swapping the gearbox on this car?
Does the engine have to come out, or what bits have to come off/out?

Is it something that someone with a bit of experience and plenty of time and patience can do?

2000 astra 1.7tdi gearbox change - RichardW
Usually you can remove the gear box on a FWD drive car without removing the engine. It's not often particularly 'difficult' - it just involves a lot of time and tools, and access to some sort of overhead lift. The procedure would be roughly:

Slacken front hub nuts; jack up; drain box; split bottom ball joints; remove drive shafts; disconnect clutch operator (cable / hydraulics), gear change, speedo connection, wiring connections from box; remove anything above or below the box that will get in the way; support box and remove gear box mounts; drop engine/box slightly, support engine; remove engine to box bolts, pull box away from engine; lower box to floor. Refitting is the reverse of removal! Obviously there are more than a few pitfalls with different ways of doing things. A Haynes manual if available will be invaluable.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

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