Renault Laguna dCi clutch sticking down - David Horn
Have a friend with a 2002(?) Laguna dCi which has an obscure clutch fault. Basically, about once a day during normal driving the clutch pedal will stick down after pressure is removed. You would, of course, expect the car to be declutched while the pedal is down but it isn't, and so it's quite frightening when it happens as he has to get hard on the brake. The clutch can be pulled up again with the toe of his shoe, and appears to work fine after that.

The garage cannot replicate the fault but have bled the clutch which has made no difference. Has anyone encountered this problem before and is replacing the master cylinder the only option? Car has ~80k on the clock. Renault are stumped.
Renault Laguna dCi clutch sticking down - RichardW
I think you'll find if you do a net search (or even probably a forum search) you will find this is a well known problem....astounded that the dealer does not know about it. AFAIK replacement of the clutch hydraulics is called for (£££ probably...). I'm sure TVM had it on his Laguna before he rearranged the front end.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Renault Laguna dCi clutch sticking down - Xileno {P}
Faulty master cylinder. Very common problem on Lagunas and Espaces.
The dealer not knowing about this common problem is unbelieveable and reinforces my view that it more the dealers that let Renault down rather than the cars.

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