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My Golf GTI (P Reg) has a continuing but intermittent problem with stalling as you take your foot off the throttle. It can stall once in 250 miles or as often as every 2 miles.  It has never failed to start immediately after the stall.  I have tried a specialist VW mechanic with computer testing gear, but he needs to have the problem - and it never stalls when he comes!  Any ideas as to what this can be?  I am thinking I ought to put a big warning sign in the rear window - THIS CAR IS LIABLE TO STALL! 

Jo - at the end of her tether.
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read the links on help - polo probs
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Yus, my dear, had one doing the same about a month ago. Culprit was a poor connection to one of the devices on the offside inner wing. Wiggling one made the engine stall. Took it apart, cleaned it up and coated it with vaseline before refitting it. From memory it was a two pin connection, one green wire the other green with a tracer.
Hope it helps/
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Smart a....e !! I was just sat here composing a reply to that one !!
Regards, Adam
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Do Tune-Up Ltd actually *do* any work other than reply to the Back Room - keep it up!
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So far logged 52 hours this week with only another 20 to do!!!
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Where are Tune UP ?

They seem a lot more clued up than the greased up A**eholes who claim to be mechanics in this part of the world !!!!

These couldn't even spell COMPUTOR
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Value my car