Carisma 1.6 - Peter Todd
I have recently bought a 1997 Carisma 1.6 with 45K on the clock. It would appear that Haynes do not do a Servicing Manual for this car. Does anyone else apart from the Main dealer?

Currently, all five tyres are 175/65/14 the handbook recommends 175/70/14, does it make any difference. Are they legal and which would be the most economic from a fuel saving aspect.

Re: Carisma 1.6 - Malcolm
I have owned 4 Mitsubishi Gallants in my time and the closest I have ever got to a workshop manual is an owners maintenance manual sold by the dealers but this only covered easy diy items such as replacing brake pads/shoes etc not major engine work.I think your out of luck on this one unfortunately.
Re: Carisma 1.6 - John Slaughter
I'd recommend giving Mitsubishi a call with the chassis number to check if the spec has changed from the handbook you have. As a first check look at the spare - if unused it's probably original and may also give some clue.

If they are wrong, the tyres are slightly smaller diameter than the recommended 70 series, so the speedo will be undereading by a few percent, and the odometer will overead by a few percent so giving a falsely good fuel consumption. Changing to the correct tyres probably won't make any significant diference to actual fuel consumption, though.

They are probably not different enough to seriously affect handling or insurance, but when you change them, get four tyres of the correct size fitted, if only for the sake of correctness.


Re: Carisma 1.6 - Col M Bancroft ( retired )
A Vehicle such as this shouln't require any attention whatsoever. you would be better off with an MGB if you feel you have to tinker about with it on a regular basis.

They are built on the same production line as Volvo's excellent S/V 40 in the Netherlands. - mitsubishis that is, not the MGB, which is not built any longer since the left- wing unions ruined our car industry.

They Should have Shot Red Robbo - look at Nissan UK - Europe's most efficient car factory. it is a closed shop where unions are not allowed. say no more.

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