04 dci 1.5 EGR valve prob? - slates74
The engine management light on my 04 clio dci 1.5 came on, on Friday got my breakdown out and they advised it was due an EGR valve fault and reset the car and would be ok to drive and if the light came on again to see a garage

Well the light has come on again and the only thing that seems to be difference is the fuel comsumption. Would this be an EGR blockage or something more. Am I ok to drive the vehicle till i can get it to a garage or am i doing it more harm than good.

Being a female I am worried about being ripped of at a garage and need to ensure I know my stuff about this possible problem

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clio dci 1.5 egr valve prob? - adverse camber
you really need to get the codes read to know what the problem is.

Common things include egr and maf.

The light is there to show the driver that something is causing emissions to be out of spec - ie that you know that you may be polluting. Given thatyou say that your economy has gone down I would guess maf (the sensor that measures how much air is going into the engine, which the computer uses to work out how much fuel to inject)
clio dci 1.5 egr valve prob? - Screwloose

Knowing the exact code [there are over 1800] would help. The EGR valves on these have an inbuilt monitoring sensor and it's usually that sensor that fails, not the valve itself.

A new valve is about £150 and is just a few minutes to fit; but getting the problem properly diagnosed is vital before parts are replaced.
clio dci 1.5 egr valve prob? - GregSwain
The EGR valve is a very common problem on those engines - my ex took hers to an independent to get it fixed, and he advised her to keep the receipt as it would most likely go again during the 12-month warranty period, which it did (the good news was that he didn't need to order one in, as they're so tempremental he always keeps one on the shelf!). As for price Screwloose is right, the bill came to about £150. After it went wrong the 2nd time she traded the car in.

My advice is... don't take it to a Renault agent because of cost. If you know a local independent with diagnostic equipment take it there - chances are they'll be just as familiar with the problem as your Renault dealer, but less likely to charge the earth to fix it.
clio dci 1.5 egr valve prob? - pokerking
hi all

ive got a 05 clio 1.5 dci and have had an engine problem for about 2 years with management light coming on about 3.5k rpm especially when you went to overtake something and put your foot down and the engine management light came on and the power just dropped off then it would come back been into renault no fewer than 10 times but warranty has run out now so stuck woth it. today was driving to work heard a pop and lost power will do about 50mph but no guts some one has told me it could be a broken intercooler pipe but dont know if this is true. any ideas
clio dci 1.5 egr valve prob? - topbloke
sounds like its burst a pipe somewhere after turbo but before engine, realy need two people to find this problem, one to rev the other to listen/feel/look, if you have a history of problems with this car documented prior to the warrenty running out you should stand your corner and fight them all the way Regards TB
clio dci 1.5 egr valve prob? - Collos25
Why on earth would this be a burst pipe its the EGR valve the car is going to limp home mode so the driver is using more throttle to try and compensate very common fault on all DCi engines, to be on the safe side just make sure the turbo oil gasket is in order.

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clio dci 1.5 egr valve prob? - David-RenaultUK
Hi Pokerking

I'm David and I work for Renault UK. I was concerned to read about the problems with your Clio, particularly that you've taken it to a dealer so many times yet still have the fault.

I'm not sure if you've already spoken to our Customer Support team but I would like to get a Customer Support Manager to look into your case and see if they can be of help.

To that end, could I ask you to please email me at eresponse@renault.co.uk with the following information:

- Your name
- The registration number of your Clio
- The current mileage of your vehicle
- The name of the dealer(s) you have been using to try and get the fault rectified
- A brief description of the problem so I can identify your case
- Your contact telephone number, pref. mobile.

I'll then get someone to give you a call to see what we can do.

Kind regards

Renault UK
clio dci 1.5 egr valve prob? - Rodmaker

Is this a put on?


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