Audi A3 wiper problem - ChrisV
I've just bought an A3 2.0 TDi (privately so no guarantee). It is fine except for the fact that the washers and wipers don't work. (Rear washer does work). I have no handbook so although I've found a fuse box next to the drivers door and one next to the battery, I haven't worked out what's wrong.
Any tips on what goes wrong, relays, fuses, column switches?
I may be heading to Halfords tomorrow for a Haynes manual, assuming one is available.
Audi A3 wiper problem - bell boy
still not fit for purpose
i would take it back
sounds a dammed expensive repair to me
Audi A3 wiper problem - PhilDS
From HJ's C-B-CB

What's Bad
Apparently around 4% of new RHD A3s initially suffered wiper failures and replacement parts were in short supply.

It's worth speaking to a main dealer
Audi A3 wiper problem - AR-CoolC
There was a problem with A3 wiper mechanism's packing up around 2002.

But just double check the bonnet is shut fully. IIRC the wipers don't work if the bonnet is open.
Audi A3 wiper problem - ChrisV
Thanks for the replies.
The full story is that it went to an independant garage for a service, and they told me the wipers had failed. They then spent ages trying to trace the fault!
Guess what AR-CoolC, you're correct they had popped, but not lifted, the bonnet. Problem solved!
They had rung Audi and explained the problem, but Audi never mentioned the bonnet catch.
Audi A3 wiper problem - Altea Ego
Happens on VAG group cars based on Golf 5 platfrom as well. Confused the hell out of me on the touran when it happened.
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