Punto Lights - Brian Hall
The lights on my wife's Fiat Punto go out when the engine is switched off leaving no external illumination for parking on poorly lit streets and country lanes, etc.
I've looked through the handbook and can find no mention of this featur.
Is this the norm for Puntos and do any other car manufacturers have their lights wiring configured like this?
Re: Punto Lights - Walter
Have you tried leaving the indicators on? This makes the side lights on that side of the car stay on. This works on vw models. Maybe its the same.
Re: Punto Lights - mike harvey
It works on Vauxhalls too, but ther must be another way surely?
Re: Punto Lights - Michael
On my old Tipo and Panda there was an extra position on the ignition which engaged when you pressed in a little button by the key at the same time as turning it. Sidelights were then lit. Is it the same on the Punto? All Fiats of that vintage (1988-9) had this feature which prevented lights being left on unintentionally. A possible problem when you change to another make as I am about to do!
Re: Punto Lights - Brian Hall
There is a little button by the key and I did wonder what this did but didn't even think to look this up in the handbook. I'm sure you are correct about this and I will investigated this evening.
Thanks for your interest I will let you know what I find.
Re: Punto Lights - Robin
My wife's Punto has a featue whereby the headlights can be left on for a wee while before automatically going out. This was heralded in the Brochure but took me ages to find out from the Manual how to do it. And now I cannot remember. I will try to remember to look when she comes home

NB It is a newish model, a Y reg, but fairly low spec.
Re: Punto Lights - Tim Roberts
On my 1994 Punto you had to push the little button next to the key in and turn the key in the opposite direction you would to start the car. You can then remove the key with the side lights on.

Re: Punto Lights - Chad.R

My wife has a 94/5 Punto - the procedure to switch the parking lights on without the ign key is as follows;

1. Turn the ign key to the "off" position and leave in lock
2. Depress the small button on the lower rim of the ign/lock barrel and while it's depressed,
3. Turn the ign key in the opposite direction to "on" - the parking lights will now be on and you can remove the key


Re: Punto Lights - Brian Hall
Lastnight I pressed the little button and turned the ignition key backwards and voila the parking lights came on.
Thank you all for your advice.
Punto Lights - luke h
that is the common on the punto mk2 and i think mk1 too. stops the battery going flat though!!!!

Punto Lights - henry k
UNO has the same feature and has a bright dash light to say your lights are on.
But why when switched to the park position do the dash lights need to be on ?
Much more useful would be dimming the lights when starting.


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