Short Journeys - JasonC
I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Carisma 1.8 GLX (petrol) with 27,000 miles. My journey to work is only 2 miles each way and I am therefore concerned that these short trips are not good for the car. I cover approximately 5000 miles per year and have it serviced by the main dealer every 12 months.
Do you have any tips on how I may prolong the life of the engine / components and ensure unecessary wear is not caused? I intend to keep the car for another 2 years.

Also, I am in two minds weather or not I should take out an extended warranty (which expires in several weeks) that my dealer has offered me. Until now I have benefited from the manufacturers warranty.
The warranty they are offering me now is Red Zebra which I think they issue with their used cars. It will cost £358 for 12 months and will include breakdown cover. Do you think it is worth it?

Re: Short Journeys - D J Woollard
Find another way to get to work! Two miles each way is a killer for a nice modern car. A diesel would be better or perhaps an old car that you could consider as disposable.
If you have to keep using your Mitsusishi for this at least have an interim six monthly oil and filter change. Also if it is still made a Kenlow Hotstart that heats and circulates the coolant from a mains supply before you start may help.
The daft thing is that this harmful use and low recorded mileage will ensure the trade values your car well when you sell in two more years!

Regarding the warranty. Has to be your call but at three years old you would be unlucky to need £400 in repairs on a Japanese car over the next 12mths. The warranty will most likely exclude all service and wearing parts costs so the things you will spend money on aren't covered. Overall these warrantys are priced to make the trade substantial profits, but then that's the rub with all insurance.
Re: Short Journeys - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)
As well as a six month oil change, you really should try to give the car a longer run at least once a month, prefferably fortnightly - I mean a run of over 10 miles, as much of it as possible on dual-carriageway where you can maintain 60-70 mph for a mile or three. This will not only get rid of condensed moisture inside the engine and exhaust, but will help to keep the lambda (oxygen) sensor and the catalytic converter clean and efficient. Full battery capacity will also be ensured.
Regards, Adam
Re: Short Journeys - Brian
For that length journey practically any other method of transport would be better than a car.
Suggestions include walking, bus, cycle, scooter/moped. Even a taxi might be cheaper in the long run than the damage being inflicted on your innocent car.
Re: Short Journeys - Roger Jones
I would walk to work if I were you. I'm serious. It will take you about 30 minutes and you'll be healthier for it. OK, use the car in foul weather or when you have a load too heavy to carry, but enjoy the fresh air at other times.
Re: Short Journeys - John Slaughter
Couldn't agree more!


Re: Short Journeys - Guy L

If u r disabled (which everyone else has ignored) then fair play but otherwise - walk, walk, walk, walk, walk.

Come on, you probably walk further doing your weekly shop in Sainsbury's?!
Re: Short Journeys - Roger Keene
Your journeys to work only represent about a 1000 of your quoted 5000 miles per year (assuming you work 46 weeks a year)

This is typical for lots of motorists today.

Give the car the occasional good long run and use a good quality oil.
Consider more frequent filter changes.

As you only intend to keep the car for 2 years, I wouldn't worry about it.

I don't think the warranty is worth £358 for 12 months:Mitsubishis are usually very reliable.
Re: Short Journeys - richard turpin
Daries sell milk floats every now and again. Sounds like a perfect solution. I wanted to get one for the school run but my better half thought it was naf.
Put some oversize wheels on the back. Might even go fast or something. Cheap to run though. Even knackered batteries should see you through 2 miles.

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