Xsara picasso? - Paul Hopkins
I'm all of a qaundry.
I have been looking to get a mini MPV and have been considering the Picasso or the Scenic (both used). Now the "problem". I found that the new Picasso 1.8 16v SX has been reduced to £11495 (£500 pound less than the now reduced 1.6SX), and £1000 cheaper than a used one at Lovekyn at Kingston. Why? and is it staying down?
I have a new addition arriving in 3 months (hence the mini MPV) and have had conflicting reports about both cars. If any one has got an "inside" or professional view on these could you please post them for me. I'm lost with it all!

Thanks, Paul

PS. Do people still not like working on Citroens, mechanics used to hate them, do they still?
Re: Xsara picasso? - Dave Bumfrey
I have a diesel picasso excellent 'car' loads of room, have you test driven one yet, i have driven the 1.6 petrol a bit gutless can't understand why it is not a 16valve unit??, up a hill in lincoln i was down to 2nd gear!!

The diesel does about 38-40mpg around town on short journeys, the all have a computer giving a constant mpg / average mpg, the 1.8 petrol is going to give you about 22-25mpg, you work it out it going to cost nearly twice as much to run also you have no cat to malfunction.
Also the diesel is going to be worth £800-1200 more after 4years as a trade in.

we also found with a trade in it was cheaper from a dealer than from car supermarkets as our trade in was worth £2000 more!! it cost us £150 less from a dealer with 3years warranty than from motorpoint with 1 year no guranteed colour and imported so would be worth less when traded in anyway.
Re: Xsara picasso? - John Kenyon
The diesel will have a cat - usually one way oxidation, which doesn't depend
on any other system for correct functioning.

The petrol version, however will have a 3 way catalyst
which depends on a closed loop system to keep it happy.

So if you lambda sensor, fuel injection/ignition system screws up
it will probably try to take the catalyst with it.


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