peugeot 205 electrics problem - andy turbo deisel
hi there my pug 205 stdt has an electrical problem . the digital clock works but you can hardly see it i changed the bulb as blown but the clock doesnt light up even when lights on checked all the fuses in the board are there any more fuses under the bonnet that relate to this also could this bulb be in line with the ash tray light as this doesnt work as well ?? failing this does any one know a good auto electrician in essex southend way ??? ta
peugeot 205 electrics problem - Saltrampen
I have had similar problems years ago with the dash illumination on my old 205 XRD.
It was a case of opening up dash and cleaning up connections / circuit membrane, as years of dust and condensation meant a dirty connector somewhere. But to trace it you need to be able to follow circuit diagrams and use a multimeter. Do you have the Haynes manual?
End of the day, you need either to spend an afternoon with the dash apart (205 is much easier than some modern cars, as I remember top bit comes off seperate to bottom section?) OR Pay £50 + to an autoelectrician.

Check simple things like new bulb actually works when 12v applied and connections to bulb holder are fine first.
Clock Lighting normally grouped together with dash lighting for fuses.

peugeot 205 electrics problem - andy turbo deisel
cool thanks much apperciated il
will try tmrw thanks again andy

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