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vauxhall zafira cambelt change advice - guyrope
I have an 04 1.6 zafira done 42000 and i am about to get some quotes for cam belt change as i believe they shortened mileage to 40 000 to change it from 80 000, but have also heard 60 000. ? ,

I have also read that it is worth getting the cam belt tensioner changed as well as any rollers etc and also heard of water pumps being changed and other bits and bobs . so what should i really get done or is it all done as standard in a kit form at main dealers ?

thanks in advance
vauxhall zafira cambelt change advice - Dynamic Dave
The official cambelt change recommendation for a 2004 Zafira is every 6yrs / 60,000 miles (except Z20LET, which is still every 4yrs / 40,000 miles)

However, my personal view is that it should be done every 40,000 miles / 4 yrs.

It is best practive to change the tensioner & pulleys. A cambelt kit will include all of this, but not a waterpump.

If the dealer is any good, then by default they should use a cambelt kit, and not just change the belt. You will need to ask them to change the water pump, and it may well be worth asking if they are going to use a cambelt kit.

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