Vitara 2L V6 cutting out - stuartl
My Dad has owned a 1995 Vitara as above since it was six months old. I have always hated those cars but he liked it and it's now his 'runabout' second car.

I borrowed it at the weekend and found that more often than not when pulling up to a junction the engine revs would drop off and the engine would die. It always restarts instantly. Apparently it has done this on and off for the past two years or so.

I have two theories, idle control valve (does this car have one) or leaky inlet manifold gasket (this was the cause of an identical problem on a midi van I had years ago).
Is this a common fault on these? All ideas appreciated!

Thanks Stuart
Vitara 2L V6 cutting out - Aprilia
I'm pretty sure that the idle control valve on these is a Mitsubishi item. These are very well known for giving trouble. Contact BBA-Reman or a Suzuki specialist for more info.
Vitara 2L V6 cutting out - stuartl
Thats very interesting, thanks, I'll look into that.
V6 Vitara Cutting Out at low speed - stuartl
I think I might have posted this on here before but cant remember.
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My Dad has a 1995 M reg Suzuki Vitara 2 litre V6 which he has owned from almost new. Although it is now the hack-about second car he needs to sort a problem with it cutting out. I borrowed it to tow a car trailer recently and approaching almost every junction it cut out. It restarts immediately on the turn of the key.
I had a Vauxhall Carlton and this used to do a similar thing and it was the idle control valve with was easy to sort. Is this likely on the Vitara or is there another possible cause? I had another similar problem with a Midi van and that was a leaky inlet manifold gasket.

All suggestions gratefully received!



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