Any Plastic's Experts here please? - Petel
Before anyone jumps down my throat, I know I have asked this before but as it was a considerable time ago and the original thread died out, I would wish to ask again.

On several Fiat cars, over time, some of the black plastic trim and things like the door mirrors, take on a grey powdery appearance which will not clean off. I know that this is due to the plastic used not being ultra violet stable, so this expanation need not be repeated here.

Does anyone know of a chemical treatment ( not Back to Black please ) as I would wish to avoid using any form of abrasive, which would neutralize the grey powdery effect and preferably, return the plastic to something like its original black finish?

Thank you.
Any Plastic's Experts here please? - bell boy
i use a heat gun to return small areas to black
be careful if the plastic has a mottled effect though as you can put this out of shape.
Any Plastic's Experts here please? - Petel
Thanks Oldman, I recall your reply from the last time.

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