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Have recently noticed that all the stop areas for the Police and Highways agency are being revamed along my commute. The entry ramp is being removed and returned to grass, with the unaltered exit ramp being the point of entry (presumably to reverse onto the ramp).

Armco is being built for a short distance leading up to the entry/ exit point.

In all my time driving I can only recall seeing one non authorised car in one of these areas- and that appeared to have broken down. I have not heard of any safety issues relating to them, and rarely see them being used, so does any one know the logic for this? Would guess is not cheap, and from a safety point of view I can't see how reversing a vehicle onto these ramps is preferable to being able to drive straight in- and will someone trying doing a u turn to drive into one?
Police Highways M-Way stop areas - a900ss
This prevents the sligh possibility of the fact a vehicle is parked at the top and another 'out-of-control' vehicle (sleep, etc) drives up the ramp doing 70MPH and kills the police/highway people. Now, an out-of-control vehicle would hit the armco.
Police Highways M-Way stop areas - ForumNeedsModerating
I imagine the traffic police must have had a few squeaky bottom moments looking in their rear views at some
point when parked up thus. It must be similar to the type of jeopardy that stationary hard shoulder vehicles
Police Highways M-Way stop areas - boxsterboy
Maybe, but you can guarantee that this work won't come cheap. Somehow, whenever contractors see 'Public Works' the estimates lose all touch with reality.
Police Highways M-Way stop areas - AlastairW
Its March. There are unused budgets to be spent. Wouldn't want to run a surplus and risk it being cut for next year would we...
Police Highways M-Way stop areas - NARU
Given that there's documented evidence of 'target fixation' - ie. people tend to drift towards something they're watching, I can understand why an entry ramp isn't a good idea.

As to whether its good use of money to take them out - seems a bit excessive!
Police Highways M-Way stop areas - Altea Ego
At 70mph they made excelent ski jumps.
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