Xantia HDi 110 - turbo vacuum fault - XantKing
Anyone got any ideas about this one?

Engine would feel increasingly sluggish, meaning that I had to rev it harder than I normally do, until eventually it would go into limp home mode at about 3,000rpm. Fault would clear but problem would reoccur regularly.

Took it to independent Cit specialist who read the fault code, which showed a turbo vacuum problem. First attempt to repair saw the EGR valve replaced. That didn't solve it, so then the turbo was removed and sent for inspection, but it was OK. So the turbo actuator was next to be replaced before they finally declared it fixed with a new intercooler.

Trouble is, it still feels very sluggish compared to before all this, and the damn thing still goes into limp home mode on occasion if I need to go beyond 3,000rpm for any length of time, meaning that I daren't overtake anyone on single carriageways!

I can't really afford to keep chucking money at this either, it has cost me over a grand so far! Car is barely worth that so I've just been living with it, but it would be nice to have my old oomph back, if only I knew for sure what might need doing!

Xantia HDi 110 - turbo vacuum fault - Collos25
More than likely a perished or dislodged rubber hose discovered this after a lot of searching when the same problem on my XM occured.
Xantia HDi 110 - turbo vacuum fault - dieselhead
Can't understand why the garage removed the turbo and replaced the egr valve and intercooler if it's a fault with the vacuum supply to the turbo. Did they check the vacuum supply to the turbo with a gauge on the road to find out what's happening ?..did they check that the actuator on the turbo moves to its stop when the vacuum pipe is attached ? did they check that any of the vacuum pipes were leaking ?.

Xantia HDi 110 - turbo vacuum fault - Screwloose

I'm with dieselhead on this. Another case of "Poke and Hope," credit-card diagnostics, with no sign of a diagnostic system or intelligent testing being employed. If it's still doing it, then they haven't fixed it!

Did they tell you the exact code/number? Overboost is rare on these; fuel rail over-pressure isn't.
Xantia HDi 110 - turbo vacuum fault - dieselhead
Sounds like it's low on boost pressure if it's very sluggish, I would suspect the boost control valve or the hose from it to the turbo is leaking or collapsed. If they are ok it could be the ecu is being fooled into reducing the boost pressure by a faulty MAP or MAF sensor although i would suspect this would come up as a fault code.

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