Pothole warning - A3 slip at Tolworth - Muggy
Beware: I discovered a nasty pothole the hard way yesterday evening; coming off the A3 at Tolworth from the London bound direction.

The hole is roughly two to three feet long, about five to eight inches wide and three or so inches deep. It is near to the start of the slip lane and unless you know where it is, it is almost impossible to see it until it is too late to avoid it.

Naturally, it is located exactly where your right hand side wheels will run if you are coming up the right hand lane in the slip road in order to turn south along the A240 towards Epsom...

It gave one bleep of a hard jolt; heavy enough to wake up my wife and cause her to ask "What was that?!" albeit in somewhat stronger language!

I guess I'll have to have the tracking and wheel alignment checked now...
Pothole warning - A3 slip at Tolworth - Stuartli
If you do have problems you should be able to make a claim against the authority responsible for maintaining the road - it should let you have details of its insurance company.
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Pothole warning - A3 slip at Tolworth - Dynamic Dave

Pothole warning - A3 slip at Tolworth - henry k
Report it online ?

Thanks for the warning. I do sometimes use that slip road

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