Mondeo TDCI overheating - spikeyhead {p}
pootling back form a shopping trip today the temperature gauge hit maximum and the engine lost power.

I pulled over and called Green Flag who took me home. I did have a look whilst waiting for the breakdown truck and the belt that drives the water pump is intact and the level in the header tank is where it was last week. The car is an 02 reg with 114k mileage.

I'm guessing that its the water pump impellor. How difficult is this to change? Does it mean a new waterpump and does it have to be a Ford part or are there pattern parts available. Are there other possible causes for the overheating?
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Mondeo TDCI overheating - Collos25
It sounds like the water pump or a jammed thermostat quite common on MK3's this is a pratt of a job to change parts ,are not much dearer direct from Fords and at least you know it is a proper part.
Mondeo TDCI overheating - bikerider
The coolant pump is driven off the pas pump and it's not uncommon for the splines to wear on the coolant pump
causing overheating and loss of power.
Mondeo TDCI overheating - spikeyhead {p}
I've had a phone chat with the mechanic that's sorting this out for me. The splines have gone on both the PAS pimp and the water pump.

In the meantime I've got the joy of driving an N reg Suzuki Baleno about.
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Mondeo TDCI overheating - Lud
Don't collect new PAS pimp in a Baleno! Some of his friends might see him and then you'll have to die for the sake of his honour... :o)
Mondeo TDCI overheating - spikeyhead {p}

Well the Baleno's gone back to where I borrowed it from and I'm not sorry to see it go. It had a few interesting features including the ability to start without releasing the steering lock. That came as a shock when I first encountered it, but once its off its off. The wheels also needed balancing as the vibration levels were close to a pneumatic drill at 70mph.

The waterpump and power steering pump are linked by a set of splines which had rusted through on the water pump and were a long way from being good on the power steering pump so they both got replaced. Total bill £364. With a bit of luck the car won't have anything else go wrong for a while but knowing my luck I'll have the high pressure diesel pump go tomorrow!

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Mondeo TDCI overheating - cheddar
I too have a 2002 Mondeo TDCi on 114k miles, I have read about this effecting a Transit though I assumed it was a slight water leak that caused the corrosion, looking at my car I cannot see how water can ingress unless perhaps the engine is steam cleaned or similar.

Should I be keeping my fingers crossed in this regard?

Mondeo TDCI overheating - 659FBE
Another engineering principle broken by our friends from the US.

If you join two rotating units with a splined or muff coupling, this has to be done in the presence of lubricant (either run it in the oil or pack it with grease and fit seals) otherwise failure will occur due to fretting. This is a combination of wear and corrosion and is well documented. Alignment and component tolerances are such that this type of damage is practically unavoidable in components running at speed - it doesn't need the "addition" of any water, atmospheric water vapour will rust polished parts very nicely.

Mondeo TDCI overheating - cheddar
atmospheric water vapour will rust
polished parts very nicely.

However the two components appear to be joined and sealed with no way for any ingress, could be greased for all I know, hence my suggestion that a water leak might lead to the corrosion.

Anyone have any more info?

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