Why won't Vauxhall help with repairs to our 2006 Astra Twin Top?

We purchased a Vauxhall Astra Twin Top 1.8i new in September 2006. Four months ago we had a major part (engine timing kit) break on the car. The cost of this should have been £800 but Vauxhall charged us £400 for goodwill. Three weeks ago, we were putting the roof down and it stuck halfway. We took it to the garage, who charged £70.50 to put the roof up but with a continuous 'bleeping' in the car. Fortunately we then went on holiday.

The car now has go go for the roof to be fixed. The control unit and wiring harness cost us £327.83 yesterday and we now have to pay for labour. Vauxhall will not give any goodwill for this even though we have been buying brand new cars from them for the last 15 years, some after one year and never more than two. We kept this one longer due to major work being done on our property this year. I will add there are only 23,000 miles on the clock - we do only about 6000 a year.

Asked on 4 June 2010 by Billy2506

Answered by Honest John
All that has happened here is you have simply run out of goodwill. You got some over the timing belt. Now they are refusing goodwill over the roof problem.
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