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My daughter is close to 9kg and we need a group 1 car seat, Isofix compatible. Has anyone bought one recently? We have been looking, but very few stores keep a wide selection. The key issue is the seat will have to be moved from one car to another every day, so anything too fiddly, or heavy will cause problems.

Britax system is now quite old and doesn't come out well in tests - it also requires a tether strap in the Aygo, so is fiddly to fit. Maxi cosi is a good seat but is heavy and has the drop down leg which makes it difficult to remove. Also considered are Bebeconfort Iseos (can't find anywhere who stocks it to test it) and Recaro (most expensive) and I have found a small manufacturer called Carbox Ltd who manufacture the Bimbofix. Both Bimbofix and Recaro come with a seperate Isofix base so buying two bases would make moving the seat easier - but make them expensive.

Any recommendations appreciated.
Isofix group 1 seat - Falkirk Bairn
The key issue is the seat will have
to be moved from one car to another every day, so
anything too fiddly, or heavy will cause problems.

We had the same issues 1 year ago - or rather my son & D-i-L

Problems were 2 cars and 1 parent dropping off child and other picking up.
Only solution was 2 x Britax Isofix - moving chair was not on as there was no place to leave seat at the nursery.

Grandparents cars are fitted with seat-belt fixtures as cars too old and no Isofix.

Problems with Isofix - none after instalation but regular insertion/removal can be tricky - leather seats/cloth can be snagged / torn pushing teh brackets it. Lexus was tricky to insert - new Civic was a doddle.

Instead of moving chair best to buy 2 for parents. If you buy 2 chairs (belt fix) they were £85 @ Halfords then (about the same as 1 x Isofix) - shop very helpful and fitted the chair for us - if we change car Halfords would re-fit assuming we bring receipt.

Outcome was Parents 2 x Britax Isofix @ £150 (IIRC)
Grandparents 2 x Britax Belt fix @ £85 -

Getting all Britax chairs means parents & Grandparents all can fit & adjust as all mechnaisms are the same whether it is belt or Isofix

All told cost was just under £500 for 4 cars
Isofix group 1 seat - SjB {P}
I second the comment about possible seat damage.

We chose Recaro ISOfix because it was the only manufacturer we could find with both group 0+ and 1 seats certified for use with our V70. In other words we could reuse the same bases with our twins. In practice, we sent the bases back to the shop for credit and use the 0+ seats in "seatbelt restrained" mode. Why? The long arm of the inverted "T" pillar supporting the front of the ISOfix bases necessitated scrunching the front edge of the seats back in to a pronounced vee. Not good for foam, leather, or eventual car resale value.

When the time shortly comes to buy group 1 seats we will again try to buy ISOfix but do what we didn't do the first time round despite the advice to do so; trial fitting before purchase! I was under the very wrong impression that ISOfix is ISOfix is ISOfix, so why bother.
Isofix group 1 seat - daveyjp
Thanks for the comments about regular refitting. The Audi has moulded plastic slots around the Isofix bracket, the Aygo doesn't and the brackets are hidden behind the fabric so long term damage may be an issue. Looks like the Recaro will be the one by default as we can have a base fitted in each car, but I will be checking for problems with seat overhang and the support leg. Not removing the base also makes the seat lighter - our nursery does have a room for baby seats, but it's on the first floor so the lighter the better!

sjb - you are so right - Isofix does not mean standard fit. One shop had the Britax booklet with compatibility list. No Aygo or Pug 107 in there, but Citroen C1 was. I checked the Britax site and Aygo and C1 require a tether strap, but the 107 doesn't.
Isofix group 1 seat - Dr Rubber
I have a Britax Duo-Fix, and apart from being a bit heavy is fine and I'm always swapping it between cars. The Britax seats also come with little plastic guidesthat clip over the ISOFIX loops to prevent the seat ripping issue.

I also have a maxi-cosi Group 0 seat. The base is a pain, especially taking it in and out. However, putting in the child seat is a doddle!

Isofix group 1 seat - daveyjp
Well after spending an hour at the local car seat centre we now know for definate that Isofix is far from a 'standard' and manufacturers advice on which seat will fit in which car has to be taken with a large pile of salt.

Recaro website and paperwork says their Young Expert Plus will fit in an Audi A3 Sportback - it doesn't and the construction of the rear seat means it never will.

We have decided to buy a 'seat belt' seat for each as I have little confidence in Isofix ever becoming a standard and I don't want to be left with an Isofix car seat I can't use should I change my car before my daughter is 4, something I am highly likely to do.
Isofix group 1 seat - Murphy The Cat
Recaro website and paperwork says their Young Expert Plus will fit
in an Audi A3 Sportback - it doesn't and the construction
of the rear seat means it never will.

Which is why it is absolutely vital to try the seat with the car.
In my case, it was the other way around. Maxi Cosi said that the ISOFIX base wasn't compatible with my car, but after trying it, it certainly is !

Isofix group 1 seat - daveyjp
MTC, did you also crash your car to ensure it's compatibility? If it's not on the approved list it has not been compatibility tested and shouldn't be used.
Isofix group 1 seat - rogue-trooper
I bought a Recaro Young Sport on the weekend.

Although not Isofix, it is by far the most secure fitting car seat that I have bought for my 3 kids. Also quite useful in that it is designed for 9kg (apparently 8kg if you are in the US, which strikes me as ironic) up to 36kg.
Isofix group 1 seat - Murphy The Cat
Nope, I didn't crash my car to test its compatanbility (& funnily enough I don't intend to this week either !).
& my car hasn't been NCAP'd either - goodness gracious me, what am I thinking of. Should I turn myself into the police ASAP, or should I just commit Hari Kari.

(But i do appreciate the serious point that I think that you are trying to make).

Ironically, the identical base WITHOUT the brand new ISOFIX fitting, is accepted. (maxi cosi with easybase, held only with seatbelt is approved, maxi cosi with easydit, held by ISOFIX and seatbelt, isn't)


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