Mitsu Colt-Leaking brake pipe...options? - Sprice
Hi all,

Noticed when my car was up on lift at National having an oil change (its a 1993 Mitsu Colt), that one of the metal brake pipes near the rear offside wheel is leaking slowly. I have been needing to top up every few days lately, but thought it would be a leaking brake cylinder!

Just wondered if its possible to put a sleeve on it, or any other type of repair, or is it a new pipe? Will have to go to a garage as its quite inaccessible, but be handy if I could be given some options.

Leaking brake pipe...options? - nick
A new pipe the only option. Get it done asap too.
Leaking brake pipe...options? - 659FBE
It's hard to put this politely, but I would suggest that you get a knowledgeable and responsible person to explain to you how important the braking system is on a vehicle. Your safety and that of others is at stake.

Get the damn thing checked throughout and properly repaired with new parts.

Leaking brake pipe...options? - Peter D
I'm very surprised National let you out of the garage. To be filling up the master cylinder every couple of days but you are driving it around is totally beyond belief. Get it fixed tomorrow. even this evening back at the National Tyres place. Regards Peter
Leaking brake pipe...options? - Sprice
Thanks for replies, I'm getting it done this week, when I say I keep topping up, its only a tea spoon full every couple of days. Don't all cars have twin brake circuits as an insurance policy against this?

I enquired about the 'sleeve' as I know someone who had a section replaced, not a complete new pipe.
Leaking brake pipe...options? - LeePower
Cars do have dual hydraulic circuits for the braking system, but the loss of one circuit ISNT something you ever want to experience.

it isnt an insurance policy, its a safety feature to allow the car to retain some of its brakes & to allow the driver to stop & then get help, its not something that should be abused like you are doing by driving around with a hydraulic leak!!!
Leaking brake pipe...options? - Peter D
You are about to have an accident. If sounds as if the leaking pipe is due to corrosion and the pipe could fail completely at any moment and the panic braking with only one cct and the pressure could pop another pipe Fix it today. Regards Peter


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