02 330d rough idle/shuddering - dougal74
A fault has developed on my wife's BMW whereby when she is crawling to a halt (e.g. at a busy roundabout) or manoeuvring at slow speed the car shudders from what appears to be engine vibration. When the revs rise it goes away and it is intermittent in nature. The sensation is closest to when a novice driver rabbits a manual on its clutch.

The car is an auto and has just been serviced by the main dealer, it has done 79k miles. I have also noticed that the mpg has dropped off by a about 2 mpg recently.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could offer any advice, the dealer plugged it into their computer and merely said "yes it is running a little roughly but we will need it in overnight to find out the cause"!?!

Many thanks, Adam

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2002 BMW 330d rough idle/shuddering - tonyscruton
Hello Adam,

I have the same problem did you get it sorted ? or any news on it ?

Many Thanks

2002 BMW 330d rough idle/shuddering - Aocal
Sounds similar to a few problems i've had over the years with different E46's which were related to:

MAF sensor (Mass air flow sensor)
Crank Sensor
Cam sensor
Crank Case issues

In the case of MAF & CAM I just unplugged them and drove the car to see if the problem disappeared (ECU uses default value when the actual sensor readings are not present).

Is it happening all the time or just when cold/warm?

2002 BMW 330d rough idle/shuddering - Maggsy
Hello all,
This sounds very similar to a problem I've got (apologies if it's not and it's been covered elsewhere).

My car (54 plate 320d) idles fine but gets a nasty shudder when cruising in any gear and applying light acceleration to maintain speed. Give it a bit more throttle and it disappears but it seems to be happening more and sometimes when slowing without braking too.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.