Yaris - Alarm and RCL playing up - Chad.R
All of a sudden the remote central locking on our (2001) Yaris stopped working last night. It was fine all day (several trips) then literally just stopped working.

The battery is OK, I changed it for a new one and still the same result. The light on fob flashes but car doesn't respond even when very close. I can open and start the car but the alarm is going off continously - so not practical to drive. I haven't had time to take a proper look ......

Any ideas would be appreciated.


P.S. The Yaris' remote sensors are usually very sensitive - I can activate the central locking from over 50 yards away.

Yaris - Alarm and RCL playing up - dxp55
Don't know if this will be of relevance but Her in doors had a Toyota Paseo and she couldn't lock it with remote - rang garage next morning and he said is boot open? - she had pushed it down but it hadn't locked-

Yaris - Alarm and RCL playing up - Chad.R
Thanks but I don't think this is the problem.

Car was unlocked/locked several times during the day with the remote. Then the last time it was locked OK with the remote. However when I came back to it, it wouldn't open.
Yaris - Alarm and RCL playing up - Spospe
This may be a Red Herring, but check that the bonnet is properly shut as wll as the other doors / hatch. I have had a problem in the past with a RAV (old shape) when the bonnet was not properly closed.
Yaris - Alarm and RCL playing up - Chad.R
Well just as suddenly as it stopped working on Sunday night - it's started; I tried it again tonight (first time since ) and it works. By habit I plipped the keyfob from some distance away and it just unlocked in the usual fashion !

Bizarre - and whilst I'm glad it seems OK, I hope it doesn't start to play up from now on!!!

Thanks anyway.

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