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Which tyres? Eagles or P Zeros? - andrew_rs
I need to get some new tyres for my Megane RS225 and have decided on either Goodyear Eagle F1s or Pirelli P Zero Neros.

Does anyone have any thoughts, comments etc on the Pirellis?
I have found plenty of reports - mostly good - about the Eagles but very little feedback about the Pirellis, either from other Megane owners or on other owners forums.

I have had the Eagles before on a Clio and was very impressed with them but wondered if the Pirellis, being a slightly more modern design etc, would have any handling improvements?

Which tyres? Eagles or P Zeros? - Hamsafar
On an American forum I briefly visited, people complained bitterly that the P Zero Neros were too suseptable to 'road hazzards' ie damage.
Which tyres? Eagles or P Zeros? - duncansand
I can second that - got p-zero-neros and seem to inexplicably get punctures, slits, bulges. Just noticed another bulge yesterday, getting if replaced tomorrow - no mark on the tyre, don't think it's been kerbed. I've never had a bulge in a tyre in 20 years of driving until I had p-zero neros - I've had 2 in 6 months now.
Which tyres? Eagles or P Zeros? - jc2
I've had P Zero Nero's for six months now-no punctures,slits or bulges just outstanding grip.
Which tyres? Eagles or P Zeros? - piggy
I used to have P-Zeros on the rear wheels of my car with no problems at all. I eventually changed them as they were getting out of round and noisy. Apart from that-OK.
But why not save a few bob and try out the Toyo Proxy TIR? I now have these fitted all round and find them excellent. They are subjected to hard cornering on mostly B roads and I would recommend them to anyone who likes enthusiastic driving.

Which tyres? Eagles or P Zeros? - SjB {P}
A search on forum history will save detail repetition, but I currently run 225/45x17 Eagle GSD3 F1s on my 258bhp/444NM modified V70 2.4T and rate them as the best of many tyres I've ever used since I started driving 25 years ago. A summary would be wet and dry weather grip in abundance, incredible standing water tolerance, and quiet. Something to add is that I haven't switched them round, so the fronts have always been on the front, and at coming up to 20k miles they still have stacks of tread left. By now the horrid original fit P6000s were well and truly on their last legs, and they only had standard horses to deal with for most of their life.

Bro stuck P-Zeros on his V70 D5 auto and the fronts were worn out sub 10k miles. I felt (and commented) that they also had markedly inferior wet weather characteristics, and whether a contrabitory factor or not, the fact remains that he subsequently aquaplaned in to a French auto route central reservation whilst the car was shod with them and being driven at moderate speed (50mph or so) in heavy rain.
Which tyres? Eagles or P Zeros? - Cyd
If you do a forum search on "Eagle F1", you will find many threads. You'll also find that I've raved about them many times.
Which tyres? Eagles or P Zeros? - andrew_rs
Thank you for the comments and feedback so far.
Looks like I will go for the Eagles based on these comments! I have had them before and was happy with them so guess no point in changing for the hell of it, plus I expect they are cheaper than the Pirellis too

Which tyres? Eagles or P Zeros? - SjB {P}

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