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Mondeo Thermostat 'Handy' Husband - Liverbird
Hi All,
My husband decided to change the glow plugs in our old diesel Mondeo. Unfortunately, in between swearing and ranting between plug changes, he managed to break the thermostat housing adjacent to the glow plugs. I'm not sure if it's the housing - it's the small rubber plug in which there is a spring. It's simply come away & so the guage doesn't work. He's tried superglue (which worked for 10 minutes before it popped off) but, I guess, the spring delivers a lot of pressure as the engine warms-up. He's too proud to ask himself so, beyond going out and buying a new unit, is there anyway of exacting a repair to this - it would work fine if he could just keep the rubber plug in place. It's a mk2 diesel Mondeo - an expensive repair would probably not be cost-effective. Thoughts, ideas and general sharing of my husband's lack of ability in all things car-like are welcome!
BIG thanks.
Mondeo Thermostat 'Handy' Husband - oilrag
"ideas and general sharing of my husband's lack of ability in all things car-like are welcome!"

At least he put the effort in despite the weather....time to get down to Halfords, get yourself some tools and get into the muck and filth in the engine bay, if its "our car",
wouldnt want to be unequal to a man surely? :)
Mondeo Thermostat 'Handy' Husband - Liverbird
Me ? with spanners!? I?d break my fingernails ? which would be much more of an issue to me than a broken thermostat thingie! Bonnets should only ever be opened by oily mechanics in overalls! However, dabbling in the engine bay seems to give my husband some small pleasure. Not sure what this says about him.
Mondeo Thermostat 'Handy' Husband - oilrag
Grubbing about with engines and oil does give real pleasure Deb !

Nothing like the smell of engine oil on your hands, or that bit of diesel blowback that lingers on your shoes.

Ask any old bloke about Castrol R.... I can smell it again by just typing the word.
In its day, it seemed the male chanel n05.....

Re the problem
What about using some of that *metal putty* from Halfords?

Open it up, keep rolling and squeezing it as though you`re making a scone, then shove it into position os a clean oil free surface.

You could have it done before he gets home :)
Mondeo Thermostat 'Handy' Husband - Liverbird

Hmmmmmmmm! Not sure that women go for the sweet pong of Castrol GTX - at least, not this one anyway. (Maybe there's a tip here for us neglected female folk; just dab a glob of liquid engineering behind your ears to set your partner's engine running?!)
Heh - metal putty. Have been to Halfords, husband is slapping it on now - on the car, that is! Thanks for the tip! Seems like a permanent solution so I hope the sensor thingie never needs to come off!
Mondeo Thermostat 'Handy' Husband - oilrag
Good luck with it Deb, hope it works out OK.
Bye the way, its Castrol R for the good smell. Its a vegetable based racing oil used mainly before the war.
Try burning a drop in your frying pan, it will have him asking to wash up :)

Mondeo Thermostat 'Handy' Husband - Micky
Castrol R is alive and well amongst the pre-65 scrambling fraternity, very evocative. There are some very strange people who run lawn mowers with a little R mixed into the petrol so that the mundane task of cutting the weeds can be undertaken in a semi-comatose state dreaming of past glories for British motorcycles.

I would never do such a thing, that would be silly.

Note: mixing R with that tedious mineral stuff can lead to coagulation and seizure (of the engine, not the dreamer).
Mondeo Thermostat 'Handy' Husband - Liverbird
I?m recommending this site to all my girlfriends! We?re going to throw away our girlie mags with problem pages and feminine advice on how to woo men. It?s all here on the techie pages with topical tips too ? everything from cooking ideas to how to get your partner gardening. Who said petrol-heads were boring! Thank you!

PS ? metal putty seems to work a treat! He?s got some spare so is ?testing? everything else on the car so he can have another go at fixing something.
Have a great weekend.
Mondeo Thermostat 'Handy' Husband - oilrag
you`re welcome Deb, Life`s never the same after discovering metal putty!

Tell you`re mates to go easy with the Castrol R, or they will be attracting old blokes like me.
They will be ok though as we will be looking for their old motorbike :)

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