mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - DP
We're about to start looking for a mk4 Golf GT TDI PD, and although our budget is likely to limit us to the 115PS version, there are some leggier 130's in the mix as well.

Does anyone know how you identify whether the car is a 115 or 130PS version, paperwork aside? Are there any physical differences on the cars or the engines that we can look for? A lot of people are trying to pass off pre 2001 115's as 130's which is physically impossible, so I assume on the crossover cars of mid 2001, it could be hard to tell.

Not too bothered which we end up with to be honest, as I'm more concerned about condition and service history, but it would be nice to be able to tell for sure what the car we're looking at is.


mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - ajsdoc
Someone told me that the red letters on the "TDI" on the boot indicated. That is one red letter = 115, two letters = 130 and 3 the 150.

Seems unreliable and easily changed though. I have the 130 and it's a great car, highly recommended. Now at 64, 000 (bought at 14,000) and no probs other than routine servicing. Good performance and great mpg.

Hope you find a good one.
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - Stargazer {P}
When we bought our PD130 Passat.....two brand new identical cars on the forecourt, both 130s
had different TDi badges.....dont rely on it!

mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - George Porge
Both 115 and 130 should have silver T and red DI, but could be fitted with anything in practice

The only way to be sure is to check the log book.

I've got a chipped 115 and love it ;O)
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - MikeTorque
Have the dealer check the chassis number and perform a computer data trace for the car(s) you are interested in.
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - DP
Will it be mentioned on the log book?

Of the ones I've seen, all have silver T and red DI.

Is it safe to assume that anything on a 51-onwards will be a 130?
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - DP
Mike - thanks for that, Our posts crossed over.

Am looking outside the VAG dealer network as their prices are a joke. There are good deals privately, or through the fleet disposal companies if 100k on the clock isn't a problem (it isn't to me as long as it's been properly maintained)

mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - aahbarnes
The badges are a unreliable cue because they are dealer fitted.

A better way is to look inside the boot, under the carpet at the white factory sticker. This will indicate the power of the engine in kW.
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - Screwloose

Look for the three-letter engine code; label on the cam-belt cover; paper sticker inside front cover of the service book; label in boot floor area.

ANU-90; AXR/ATD-100; AUY/AJM-115; ASZ-130; ARL-150.
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - DP
Spot on! Thank you.

mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - cheddar
DP, have you driven one, a very stodgy drive.
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - DP
Cheddar - yes I have driven a few now, and I agree it's not a patch on a Focus dynamically. That said, the interior of the Golf and the PD engines really are rather good, the performance and economy are both very impressive, and I do rather like it aesthetically too.

The car is more for SWMBO than me to be honest. She's been using her sisters GT TDI 115 for a few weeks and really loves it. As I tend to pick cars normally, I thought this time she should do it. It will be replacing an increasingly unreliable Fiesta, although I'll be keeping my trusty Mondeo as my daily driver.

Partly 'cos I like the car, partly 'cos SWMBO wants one and a quiet life beckons.... ;-)

mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - Mad Maxy
I had a GT TDI 110 for about 50K miles and thought it was v good. Handling a bit ponderous - understeer - but I thought the whole package was streets ahead of the low-rent (but Ghia) Focus I had for a very short while beforehand.
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - mss1tw
You could sharpen up the handling with an aftermarket suspension kit though I guess?
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - Alebear
Do you really have to get a MkIV Golf? I fear that these nice cars are being driven by an increasing number of prats - perhaps they can't stretch to BMWs. I for one am too insecure about how I am perceived by others to be identified with Chavs.
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - Hamsafar
Alebar, y dnt u jus black out da windoz an no1 can c u.
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - mss1tw
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - legacylad
An nick a copy of 'How to get an Asbo' Virgin Books (ISBN 1 85227 3313). Cost yer nuffink next time yer gaaahn daaahn taaahn, yeah?
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - Alebear
I say.
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - Murielson
DP - could you give some indication of what you are expecting to pay for the model you are after and MPG please.

Many thanks
mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - DP
Looking to spend about 5.5k and expecting a 2000/2001 115PS model with 60-70k on the clock. There are some 01/02 130's creeping in at the same money with 100k+ on them as well as an alternative.

Expecting 50 mpg in daily use which is what SWMBO was getting from her sisters when she was using it.

Have to say, we've looked at two now (both 115's with 70k and 78k on the clock) and both very disappointing. Neither a patch on SMBO;s sisters which still looks and feels like a brand new car. Both those we looked at were quite creaky and rattly inside, one had what sounded like the onset of wishbone bush wear at the front, and the other felt completely gutless under 2,000 RPM which is not right for one of these (MAF sensor maybe, but I don't buy other people's problems, so walked away).

Will go hunting some more this weekend.

mk4 Golf PD115 and 130 - identifying. - George Porge
When I was the sole driver of our 115 I got 52MPG averaged over the first 12 months (brim to brim, not half tank half guesses and not the dash readout either). The car currently gets 45MPG because it does a lot more short trips due to the fact its now her main car.

At 70K the dampers will be shot, they were'nt firm enough when new and they give a roly-poly ride at best, mine will eventually get eibach and Koni suspension when funds allow.

Some early 115s had 5 speed gearbox's and had the torque reduced to increase the life of it. Six speed boxes tend to need a little mechanical sympathy when changing from first to second from cold in the winter months, after half a mile or so you can change gear normally.

My car had a new MAF at 55K when the car would hesitate or hold back. The only other replacement has been a brake light switch, current mileage is 62K.

If I had the money to replace it I would have a struggle to find a replacement that would give the performance and the economy that the Golf currently gives, the only bug bear being the suspension.



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