Octavia(& Golf?) driver's door switch - Crinkly Dave
First Skoda, bought 2 weeks ago. I now realise the drivers side rear speaker doesn't work, the warning buzzer for the lights,door light and the inside light doesn't work because the door switch is faulty, and the rear hazard warning light on the switch doesn't work. I really hope this doesn't mean that the thing has had a swipe on that side and not assembled correctly.

Most of faults point to a faulty switch to the driver's door, which according to the Haynes manual comes with the door lock mechanism itself and is not obtainable separately. Surely this cannot be correct. To have to remove door trim, door lock and buy a complete door lock looks to be £100 plus by Skoda instead of a fe£s by me. I assume the mechanism is the same as the similar year Golfs?

Anyone done this job (replacement of door lock due to faulty switch), or the removal of the rear bass speakers, and any idea of costs of parts etc

I have tried the Briskoda website, but so far without luck. Failing door locks do appear pretty frequent though.
Octavia(& Golf?) driver's door switch - LeePower
You 100% sure its not just a broken wire or dodgy connection to the door in question?

Door doesnt earth back through the hinges by any chance???
Octavia(& Golf?) driver's door switch - Alec
It is diy-able.
This reference is for a Passat but most of the VAG cars are similar.
The rear speaker will be wired thro the door jamb where there are connectors. Check them out.
Octavia(& Golf?) driver's door switch - Crinkly Dave
Thanks guys, just what I was after. Looks a pig of a job compared with a £2 switch and a few seconds work like my Pugs

I have booked the vehicle in for rectification work, but the garage used is closed until 2 Jan. Whilst parking there today I noticed that the rear wiper doesn't wipe all the screen, and the mellow sound from the exhaust is now turning into a definite exhaust leak. Lets hope the 30 day "return if not happy" is OK.

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