Fiesta mk3 problem - FF2006
Hi people,

My partner and I have a Ford Fiesta Mk3 Ghia (L reg) which seems to have delevoped a fault but I can't figure out what it is. The problem is that the car will just die for no reason, the engine stops but all the igintion lights stay on. It will re-start straight away and be fine. The problem seems to go away once the car has been driven for abit. It also seems to stutter just before this happens, there is aways fuel in the car (Always above quarter of a tank) and has had a new exhaust fitted resently. I've tried redex to see if that helps but it didn't.

It does have a foxguard immobiliser but was running fine for ages, the fault only started a couple of weeks ago so I have no idea whats causing it.

Any idea's, suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance
Fiesta mk3 problem - yorkiebar
engine size and fuel type would help but it sounds like idle speed control valve if its petrol.
Fiesta mk3 problem - FF2006


Its a 1.3i engine and yes it takes petrol.

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